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SIEM: ArcSight
         rcSight gets a lot of play       Second, they mean that this is       previous highs. The problem, of

A        among security experts in
         the security event manage-
ment (SEM)/security information
                                       a very pragmatic company. Arc-
                                       Sight acknowledges that users
                                       are becoming more sophisticated
                                                                               course, is that most SIEMs are at
                                                                               the mercy of logs they are correlat-
                                                                               ing. That means that to add value
                                                                                                                         AT A GLANCE
                                                                                                                         Flagship product: ArcSight
                                                                                                                         Logger v3.0
manager (SIM) game. It’s easy to       about their needs. That means           the SIEM needs to do something            Vendor: ArcSight;
see why once you take a close look     that the problem of correlation is      special that can’t be done with 
at the company. When I asked           becoming more complicated and           simple log correlation and analysis.      Cost: starts at $20K
them what, in their view, makes        the company needs to stay on top           When I asked ArcSight innova-          Innovation: Strong response to
them innovators, the answer was:       of it. There now are dozens of log      tors about the future, I was a bit        rapidly evolving market needs
“We cover the whole range of           sources. That complicates correla-      surprised at their answer. First,         that bridges the entire SIM/
SIM to SEM, plus log manage-           tion significantly.                      they see the low and high ends of         SEM spectrum
ment.” Nice marketing words, but          One particular challenge always      the market converging. Second,            Greatest strength: Strong com-
what do they mean? Well, quite a       has been with us, but with more         they were a bit blasé about such          mitment to market analysis
lot, actually.                         complicated networks it is exacer-      new directions as cloud comput-           and pragmatic response to
   First, they mean that ArcSight      bated considerably. That challenge      ing (“good for experimenting,             changing requirements
products provide the reporting         is false positives. By combining        but not ready for mission critical
speed of a SEM – their reporting       threat logs with pre-known vulner-      uses”). Finally, they don’t see
is up to 100 times faster than their   ability scan results, an improved       virtualization as particularly chal-
competitors – and the capture          level of false positives is possible.   lenging from a
speed of a SIM. They do all of         While it is unlikely that a 0 percent   SIEM perspec-  c-
these things while they still are      false positive level ever will be       tive. Time will
performing full correlation of data    achieved, ArcSight has had good         help us respondnd
from a variety of sources.             results reducing the level from         to all three.

Forensic tools: Mandiant
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