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									                                                                               PRODUCTS l Industry innovators

Identity management: Fischer International
         tart with the recognition                                             more with less as far as they can.       want and what they need, and

S        that identity management
         is just too hard to do, cre-
ate a solution for that problem
                                         AT A GLANCE
                                         Flagship product: Fischer Identity
                                         Vendor: Fischer International;
                                                                               That implies providing identity
                                                                               management as a service, not a
                                                                               product. Adjusting its thinking
                                                                                                                        building a modular product that
                                                                                                                        allows customers to right-size
                                                                                                                        their implementations. That may
and then morph it into a suc-             to the SaaS model, this innovator        mean starting small and work-
cessful service and you have the         Cost: $8.20 per user for              moved identity management into           ing up. Another key to success is
recipe for a real innovator.             user provisioning, password           the cloud and now offers man-            building a system that works and
   A driving motivator for Fischer’s     management, self-service and          aged identity management.                scales well in all sizes and types of
business model is that identity          compliance; from $2.89 per              This, according to my interview        organizations.
management products require              user for password management          subject, allows the customer to             What’s coming for Fischer
too much scripting, are difficult         only; includes all out-of-the-box     focus on its business instead of         International? Certainly there
to deploy and don’t always help          connectors                            focusing on identity management.         will be refinements of the prod-
businesses to achieve objectives         Innovation: A combination of          And, as it turns out, this was not a     ucts and services they offer. That
cost-effectively. With all of that in    one-size-fits-all sys-
                                                            ys                 supremely difficult shift. Because        will depend on customer input,
mind, the company set out to cre-        tem and evolution n                            existing product line is
                                                                                    the exi                             of course, since that is how the
ate an identity management system        into managed                                   designed to be flexible,
                                                                                        de                              company plans its future. It is
that simplifies the process while         services while                                   modular and easy to use,
                                                                                          m                             likely to include such important
still remaining cost-effective to        maintaining a                                     porting it to the cloud
                                                                                           p                            identity management tasks as high
deploy, use and manage.                  strong product                                    was not a huge task.
                                                                                           w                            privilege account management.
   But that was not enough for           focus                                               The key, simply, is        And the result will continue to be
this innovator. There are many           Greatest strength:        
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