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A global leader in serving libraries of all types, ProQuest LLC (“ProQuest”) supports the breadth of the information community with innovative discovery solutions that power the business of books and the best in research experience. More than a content provider or aggregator, ProQuest is an information partner, creating indispensable research solutions that connect people and information. Through innovative, user-centered discovery technology, ProQuest offers billions of pages of global content that includes historical newspapers, dissertations, and uniquely relevant resources for researchers of any age and sophistication—including content not likely to be digitized by others.

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LOOK                                                                                           Biometrics               NAC

                                                                                               Credential management    Identity management

                                                                                               Multifactor management   Access management

This year, we took a look in the rearview
mirror, while watching the road ahead, says
Peter Stephenson, technology editor.                                                           Vulnerability analysis   Penetration testing

       his was a year of challenges for        ods. We will be looking at those sugges-

T      SC Labs. Convergence in some
       areas was happening faster than
we could set up product groups, and the
                                               tions over the coming months.
                                                 Overall, we found that the products we
                                               saw in 2008 tell us a lot about what we will
                                                                                               Threat analysis          SIEM

road ahead often was foggy. For all of that,   be seeing in 2009. Hence, our interviews for
external pressures changed the market          this, our second annual Innovators issue,
materially. There is nothing like an eco-      held lots of promise for a resurgence of
nomic meltdown to give one pause.              creativity as our economy improves. The         Forensic                 UTM
  Our annual year-end issue takes a look       problems that need solving are becoming
back at the products we saw this year –        increasingly complicated and, as always,
and all had a couple of things in common.      vendors are stepping up to the plate.
They were a monument to staying the              Another thing we learned
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