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									                                                                       GROUP TEST l Password management

                         ID-Archive                                                        Enterprise Random PM
                                         password synchronization across                                                   hardware device. This assures
                                         the enterprise. This has to be done                                               administrators that critical pass-
                                         using a separate product from the                                                 words are kept secure and only
                                         ID product line.                                                                  accessible to authorized person-
                                            Documentation comes in the                                                     nel. Automation is also a big
                                         form of several PDF guides.                                                       piece of this product. It automati-
                                         The quick-start guide details the                                                 cally identifies, updates, stores
                                         initial setup requirements, as                                                    and recovers every local and
                                         well as the complete installation                                                 domain password.
                                         procedure. There are also several                                                   Documentation comes as a
                                         other guides that focus on integra-                                               single PDF user guide. This guide
                                         tion of the system and in-depth                                                   covers the entire product – from
Vendor Hitachi ID Systems                configuration of the product. We             Vendor Lieberman Software             prerequisite installation through
Price   $2/workstation, $8.25/server     found all these guides to be well           Price  $25,000 for base 500           configuring and using the prod-
Contact               organized and easy to follow with                   workstation/device license    uct itself. We found this guide
                                         many screen shots and examples              Contact              to be well detailed and easy to
        he Hitachi ID-Archive            for further illustration.                                                         follow with many step-by-step

T       sets its focus on password
        randomization. With this
product, administrators can set up
                                            Hitachi offers fee-based sup-
                                         port eight hours a day/five days a
                                         week, with unlimited incidents and          T
                                                                                              he Lieberman Software
                                                                                              Enterprise Random Pass-
                                                                                              word Manager is a full-on
                                                                                                                           instructions, configuration exam-
                                                                                                                           ples and screen shots.
                                                                                                                             Lieberman Software provides
password randomization for sensi-        upgrades. The fee is 20 percent of          password manager and randomiz-        phone and email support for
tive and privileged accounts on          the license per year, with another          er for local and domain accounts      Enterprise Random Password
workstations or servers. Admin-          five percent procuring emergency             throughout the enterprise. With       Manager, as well as access to
istrators can also use this product      24/7 incident response. Phone and           little effort from the administra-    knowledge base articles and a
to allow authorized personnel or         email support is included, with             tor, this product can seek out and    user forum. Many of these sup
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