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                  ManageEngine                                                      Enterprise Password Vault
                                        From the user perspective, we                                                  such as Sybase, Oracle, MS
                                        saw the same intuitiveness all the                                             Access and MS SQL; firewalls,
                                        way from logging onto the system                                               such as Cisco, Checkpoint and
                                        through managing resources.                                                    Juniper; and network devices,
                                           The ManageEngine can plug                                                   routers and key systems, such as
                                        directly into the environment and                                              LDAP and Active Directory. This
                                        manage several platform types.                                                 high amount of flexibility assures
                                        This gives a great amount of flex-                                              solid and secure management of
                                        ibility, along with direct interfacing                                         all critical accounts across the
                                        with LDAP or Active Directory.                                                 entire environment.
Vendor AdventNet                           The documentation includes just                                               Documentation provided with
Price  $495 for two administrators      one comprehensive user guide,                                                  the EPV includes an installation
        (Standard Edition)              which covers the entire product          Vendor Cyber-Ark Software             and upgrade guide, an implemen-
Contact          from install to management. This         Price   starts at $21,000             tation guide and an application
                                        guide is well organized and pro-         Contact             identity management guide. All
        he AdventNet Manage-            vides detailed step-by-step configu-                                            these were very well organized

T       Engine Password Manager
        Pro provides a complete
system for password management
                                        ration instructions and examples.
                                           AdventNet provides phone and
                                        email technical support as part of       T
                                                                                         he Cyber-Ark Enterprise
                                                                                         Password Vault, or EPV,
                                                                                         is a high-end password
                                                                                                                       and included many screen shots
                                                                                                                       and configuration examples.
                                                                                                                         Cyber-Ark provides no-cost
in one simple web-based package.        an annual service agreement, as          management powerhouse. This           basic support for the Enterprise
                   This product         well as a small free support area on     product helps administrators          Password Vault via access to the
                   includes features    the website, which includes a user                           manage privi-     online knowledge base and cus-
                   which allow          forum and troubleshooting tips.                              leged account     tomer portal for a minimum of
                   for password         Also, as part of the service agree-                          passwords         two years from date of purchase.
                   management           ment, customers can get service                              across several    Customers can also have access to
                   across the           pack updates, as well as minor                               major platforms   phone and email-based support as
entire enterprise via a cent
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