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					                                                                         GROUP TEST l Extrusion prevention

                                CWAT                                                                Enterprise DLP
                                       can take action against the suspi-                                                 system. This is done though the
                                       cious system or it can merely log                                                  use of tagging files and setting
                                       the information.                                                                   which applications can use, modify
                                          The UDC looks for new sys-                                                      or distribute those files. For exam-
                                       tems attached to the network                                                       ple, a Word document becomes
                                       and begins the client enrollment                                                   tagged, the tags are stored in the
                                       process. Most extrusion detection                                                  metadata of the document, and the
                                       packages include more features.                                                    document tag also specifies which
                                          The modules of the CWAT do                                                      programs can use the document.
                                       not provide complete coverage                                                      This stops information thieves
                                       from data leakage. To enhance             Vendor NextLabs                          from hiding the data using encryp-
Vendor Intelligent Wave                this protection there are several         Price   starts at $6,500                 tion, steganography, or compress-
Price   $5,500, plus $200 per client   additional modules that can be            Contact                 ing or converting the document to
Contact                 purchased. The first module to                                                      another file format, such as a PDF.
                                       start with is the mail option. This                 extLabs DLP is an inter-          NextLabs’ tool also includes

       ike many products in this
       group review, the CWAT
       (Cybercrime, Warning,
                                       feature monitors the contents of
                                       outgoing emails and block email
                                       messages which have confidential
                                                                                 N         esting software-based
                                                                                           offering. While most data
                                                                                 leakage prevention products use a
                                                                                                                          more traditional endpoint control
                                                                                                                          features as well, such as blocking
                                                                                                                          USB drive access or requiring
Alert, Termination) product takes      data, spam and viruses. The mail          primary server to stem the tide of       encryption of sensitive file before
a modular approach to data leak-       module also monitors the contents         sensitive information from leaving       copying the file to the USB device.
age prevention. CWAT consists          of web mails (HTTPS, SSL), BBS                                 the organization,      The pricing for the Enterprise
of four parts: the OM (Organiza-       and file-sharing services, and stops                            NextLabs con-       DLP starts at $6,500 and includes
tion Monitor), the SDC (Segment        the operation if necessary.                                    trols data leak-    Policy Studio and Reporter appli-
Defense Controller), the OPDC             The encryption module requires                              age through the     cations. Enforcers with Policy
(Operation Defense Controller),        data encryption of sensitive data                              DLP client. This    Assistants range from $75 to $250.
and the UDC (Unknown terminal          if it is to be stored on portable                              
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