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PIPELINE 000A20 MPR 1208


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									000A20_MPR_1208.qxp      11/21/2008      5:03 PM     Page 1

                              NEW PRODUCTS THIS QUARTER
   Alvesco (from Sepracor) a ciclesonide          Rotarix (from GlaxoSmithKline) a live,
   metered-dose inhaler as prophylactic           attenuated human G1P[8] rotavirus oral
   therapy for the maintenance treatment          vaccine, for the prevention of rotavirus
   of asthma in patients ≥12 years of age—        gastroenteritis caused by G1 and non-G1
   Section 18A                                    types (G3, G4, and G9) in infants and
                                                  children— Section 10A
   Cleviprex (from The Medicines Company)
   an intravenous calcium channel blocker,        TussiCaps (from Mallinckrodt) a hydroco-
   for the reduction of blood pressure in         done/chlorpheniramine extended-release
   adults when oral therapy is not feasible       capsule for the relief of cough and upper
   or desirable in adults—Section 2A              respiratory symptoms—Section 18C

              For more New Products visit www.PrescribingReference.com.


                Cardiovascular                    POT-4 (from Potentia) a complement
   ADX415 (from Addrenex) a centrally             inhibitor being investigated for the treat-
   acting, alpha-2 receptor agonist being eval-   ment of age-related macular degeneration
   uated for the treatment of hypertension—       (AMD)—Phase 1
   Phase 2
                                                           Gastrointestinal tract
                      CNS                         Linaclotide (from Ironwood and Forest
   Carisbamate (Comfyde, from Johnson &           Laboratories) an oral guanylate cyclase
   Johnson) an investigational compound           type-C receptor agonist being studied for
   being developed for the adjunctive treat-      the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
   ment of partial onset seizures in patients     with constipation (IBS-C)—Phase 2
   ≥16 years of age—NDA submitted
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