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									                                                                                                 INSIDE THE ASSOCIATION

NewsMakers                                                                 Before his position at Mount Marty College, Lupien was an
                                                                       associate professor at the Medical College of Georgia where he
                                                                       chaired the departments of Nurse Anesthesia and Adult Nursing.
AANA Members Inducted into the American                                He also established the first patient simulation laboratory in a
Academy of Nursing                                                     school of nursing while at the Medical College of Georgia.
Two AANA Members have been inducted as Fellows of the                      Lupien pioneered the use of high fidelity (HF) simulation as
American Academy of Nursing. Alfred Lupien, CRNA, PhD,                 an innovative scientific strategy to help nurses increase their
FAAN, and Major General (retired) Gale Pollock, CRNA, MHA,             understanding of physiology and pharmacology, build technical
FACHE, FAAN, AN, USA, were among 92 nurse leaders inducted             skill sets, practice decision-making, and experience rare clinical
during the Academy’s 35th Annual Meeting and Conference on             events without jeopardizing patient comfort or safety. He was a
Nov. 8, 2008, in Scottsdale, Ariz.                                     member of the multidisciplinary team who developed the
    The American Academy of Nursing anticipates and tracks             Combat Trauma Patient Simulator.I
national and international trends in healthcare, while addressing
resulting issues of healthcare knowledge and policy. The                                  Major General Gale Pollock
Academy’s mission is to serve the public and nursing profession                             Major General (retired) Gale Pollock, CRNA,
by advancing health policy and practice through the generation,                             MHA, FACHE, FAAN, AN, USA, is currently
synthesis, and dissemination of nursing knowledge.                                          the executive director of the Center for Ocular
     “The Academy is comprised of many of the nation’s top nurs-                            Regeneration and Vision Restoration at the
ing executives, policymakers, scholars, researchers, and practi-                            University of Pittsburgh. She recently retired
tioners,” said Academy President, Pam Mitchell, PhD, RN, FAAN.                              from the U.S. Army where she was the Deputy
“Being selected as an Academy Fellow is an important recogni-          Surgeon General for the Army Medical Department and 22nd Chief
tion of one’s contributions to nursing and healthcare.”                of the Army Nurse Corps.
    Selection criteria include evidence of significant contributions       Throughout her military career, Pollock has focused greatly on
to nursing and healthcare. Each nominee must be sponsored by           providing and improving patient care by concentrating on the
two current Academy fellows. Selection is based, in part, on the       recruitment and retention of CRNAs in the Army. Her efforts in this
extent to which nominees’ nursing careers influence health policy      area range from working with Congress to provide more financial
for the benefit of all Americans.I                                     and human capital resources for nursing education, addressing the
                                                                       shortage of qualified nursing 
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