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    Update on a Hectic and Productive Season
             ecember is upon us, and I cannot

    D        believe how quickly the time has
             gone since I began my term as AANA
    president in August. Fall has simply flown
                                                           Jackie Rowles, CRNA, MBA, MA, FAAPM

    by—literally and figuratively! Fall is my
    favorite time of year, and traveling pretty     across the country. In Minneapolis, our very     with the CRNA members of the Commission
    much coast to coast gave me endless oppor-      own nurse anesthesia students volunteered to     on Anesthesia Economics and Reimbursement
    tunities to enjoy an aerial view of the coun-   work at this event!                              to review and discuss the commission’s
    try’s landscape. Visiting state meetings and                                                     recommendations.
    representing our Association at the meetings    Joint Committee Conference
    of other organizations has been a great expe-   (JCC)/Board Orientation—                         Commission on Anesthesia
    rience. I would like to take this time to       September 11-14                                  Economics and
    provide you with a status update on some of    On Thursday, Sept. 11, the AANA Executive         Reimbursement (CAER)
    the AANA activities over the last few months.  Committee and new region directors met in         Following that meeting, the Board had a
                                                   Chicago for a grueling, full day of media         lengthy conference call completing our in-
    AANA Hosts Events at the                       training. That evening, the rest of the Board     depth review of the CAER Report and recom-
    Democratic and Republican                      and AANA staff directors participated in a        mendations. Many recommendations have
    National Conventions                           team-building bowling event. On Friday,           been referred to various AANA committees
    The AANA, along with The Creative              Board orientation began, and the afternoon        and departments for development of imple-
    Coalition, the American Nurses Association,    was quite busy as the Board, staff, and           mentation plans. Current plans are for the
    AARP, American Physical Therapy                committee chairs attended sessions on how         CAER to meet at some point in the year after
    Association, American Health Care              to run effective meetings and conference          implementation of various recommendations
    Association, and the National Center for       calls. Saturday morning, the JCC kicked off       and the gathering of additional requested
    Assisted Living, hosted town hall meetings     with a motivational speaker, one of our own       data. Again, another area to stay tuned to, for
    during both the Democratic and Republican      members, Jeanne Stawiecki, CRNA, a Nurse          more information.
    National Conventions to discuss vital health-  Anesthetist who appears twice in the Guiness
    care issues. The events were titled “From      Book of World Records. She is the only            Meetings Task Force
    Hollywood to the Hill: Speak Out on Health     woman who has both run a marathon and             The Meetings Task Force met during the
    Care—If I Had One Minute with the Next         reached the summits of the highest mountain       weekend of Sept. 20-21 in Chicago. The task
    President.” Our popular event brought          peaks on all seven continents. She achieved       force created a system for reviewing data
    together professionals from the fields of      this after being a heavy smoker and a non-        from past AANA Annual Meetings, assem-
    healthcare, policy, media, and entertainment   exerciser. The story of her incredible journey,   blies, and other meetings, developing a
    to share ideas and views on health system      fight, and triumph moved many of us to            membership survey to gather data on
    reform. In both Denver and St. Paul, there     tears. Believe me when I say that you will be     member interests, needs, and preferences for
    were over 40 different national and inter
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