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Research Report


More and more, when economists discuss taking advantage of "human capital" through education and skills training, they highlight high-quality early childhood programs and the benefits they bring to society.

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									                                                                  the child welfare system in 13 states, and everywhere they
                                                                  provide the bulk of services that former foster youth need:
                                                                  housing, education, health care, training, and job placement.
                               Research                           In Youth Aging Out of Foster Care: Identifying Strategies and
                                 Report                           Best Practices, an issue brief published earlier this year,
                                                                  NACo’s County Services Research Division highlighted model
                                                                  programs in counties across
                                                                  the country. The brief is
                                                                  available at www.naco.org/
                                                                  Issue_ Briefs/IB-YouthAging

         timely report from policy center Zero to Three focuses   outof Foster-2008.pdf.
         on investments in early childhood development, and           The latest offering from
         how they can become a different sort of economic         the National Center for
stimulus. More and more, when economists discuss taking           Children in Poverty’s Research
advantage of “human capital” through education and skills         Connections project is a brief
training, they highlight high-quality early childhood pro-        examining Demographics of
grams and the benefits they bring to society. Investing in        Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care. The report asserts that
Infants and Toddlers: The Economics of Early Childhood            family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) care is the most common
outlines current economic research, its application to the        form of nonparental care in the country; some statistics sug-
childhood development field, and ways that professionals          gest that between one-third and one-half of children whose
from both areas can work together to better advocate for          parents are employed experience FFN care. Despite that, its
more investment in children and families. Visit www.zeroto-       prevalence, role, and impact are not clearly understood, and
three.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ter_pub_BM_09_05_06            this report examines the definitions, demographics, and meth-
to read the article.                                              ods behind FFN care. Visit www.nccp.org/ publications/pub_
    In 2007, the National Association of Counties (NACo) began    835.html to r
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