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W        e know that technology’s footprint is
         shrinking and becoming increasingly
                                                   persuasively, is in our power to deliver. This
                                                   column is the first of two parts.
portable. When we see a young person with a                                                                        Publisher / Editor:
cellular phone or a handheld gaming device,        Wili Liberman                                                     Wili Liberman
the normal reaction is one of distraction. In
                                                                                                                   Associate Editor:
other words, these are not instruments that
                                                                                                                  Karen Hoffman-Zak
have any place within the hallowed halls of        Next Issue
an institution, certainly not in a classroom                                                                        Assistant Editor
environment. They would be disruptive and          New Product Purchaser’s Guide                                     Jennifer Ellis
divisive in the conventional classroom.            21st Century Learning
                                                   Prime Minister’s Awards for                                Contributing Writers:
  However.                                         Teaching Excellence                                  Carmen Berg, Ron Doorn, Dan Lang,
                                                                                                                 Richard Worzel
   If the idea of bringing real-world tools and    CURRICULA–
resources into the classroom makes sense,          Royal Canadian Mint Resources                                      Art Direction:
then the aforementioned devices, that are, in                                                                         Vinicio Scarci
essence, communications media, have a place        Computers, Web Stuff, Futures
                                                                                                                 Design / Production:
after all. That is, if they’re used properly and   and More
                                                                                                                  Studio Productions
adhere to actual learning outcomes. We know
that the classroom extends well beyond its                                                                            Circulation:
four walls. Anyone with a wireless connection                                                                        Susan Holden
and an Internet account knows that. Instead
of condemning ‘tools of distraction’ perhaps                                                                   Editorial Advisory Board:
they should be embraced in the modern                                                                               John Fielding
context of learning since they are pieces of                                                                    Professor of Education,
technology with which students have great                                                                      Queen’s University (retired)
familiarity and reliance. As do parents when
                                                                                                                      John Myers
it comes to cellular phones, for example.
                                                                                                                 Curriculum Instructor,
                                                                                                       Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/
  In a feature article, Carmen Berg makes                                                                        University of Toronto
a compelling argument for acceptance and
utilization of these portable tools and explains                       
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