Polzin Retires as Bureau Director by ProQuest


Shortly after Paul Polzin started as director at The University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Montana experienced one of the "top 10 weather events of the 20th century." For more than three decades, Polzin has been the keynote speaker and chief organizer of the Montana Economic Outlook seminars, which have expanded from four cities to 11 cities throughout the state since he's been director. The economic outlook seminars are probably Polzin's most visible accomplishment in a rich and varied career during which the Bureau of Business and Economic Research has developed into on a highly visible research center. In June 2008, Polzin retired as director of the Bureau but continues work as a research associate part time. Over the years, Polzin has written numerous articles and made many presentations about the Montana economy. During the 20 years Polzin was director, the Bureau has thrived and grown from eight employees to 18 full-time workers.

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