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									    Letter from the President
Dear Section Members,
                                                                                            PRECONFERENCE COURSE
   As you read this letter the holiday season will be upon
us and another year will have just about disappeared. It                                    TITLE: Pulmonary Rehabilitation: From the Fundamentals
seems that time continues to pass more quickly with each                                           of Rehabilitation of Patients with Pulmonary
year. As I am writing this letter, fall has just begun and the                                     Disease to the Development of a Program Across
leaves are beginning to change into their beautiful bright                                         All Practice Settings
red and gold colors. There is comfort in the dependability                                  DATE: Monday February 9, 2009
of the changes of the seasons amidst the turmoil of hurri-
canes, and economic challenges our country faces.                                           SPEAKERS: Rebecca Crouch PT, MS, CCS
                                                                                                      Ellen Hillegass PT, EdD, CCS, FAACVPR
   I would like to acknowledge Jane Eason, PT, PhD who
has been the Editor of our Cardiopulmonary Physical                                         EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING
Therapy Journal for the past 7 years. Jane was instrumental                                     Topics include objective measures for the cardiovascu-
in getting our Journal online, and has worked very hard to                                  lar and pulmonary patient, promoting health and fitness for
continue to improve the content of our Journal. She also                                    obese adults, the diffuse effects of diabetes and its implica-
has begun the process of applying to get our Journal listed                                 tions for physical therapists, the 2008 cardiovascular and
on Medline. Despite having to deal with extensive damage                                    pulmonary research update, fitness/aerobic endurance test-
to her home and all the difficulties she faced in the after-                                ing, and the usefulness of cardiovascular and pulmonary
math of Hurricane Katrina, Jane saw to it that our Journal                                  diagnostic imaging.
was published on time. That is a testimony to her dedica-
                                                                                                Check the on-site program for dates, times, and locations.
tion and the dedication of our Section members who so
willingly stepped in to help Jane. I will miss working with                                 LINDA CRANE LECTURE
Jane as it has been a pleasure to get to know her, and I wish
her all the best as she embarks on new endeavors. I am                                      TITLE: The Patient Puzzle: Piecing it Together
hoping that Jane won’t go very far however! Thank you,                                      SPEAKER: Mary Massery, PT, DPT
Jane, for a job very well done. Anne K. Swisher, PT, PhD,
                                                                                                Check the program for the date, time and location
CCS is our new Editor and she and 
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