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									2                                                  TAX CREDIT HOUSING                   MANAGEMENT INSIDER                                      December 2008

           bOarD Of aDVisOrs                                                  LetteR FRoM tHe PubLisHeR
    Mark S. Alper                   Margaret McFarland, Esq.
    National Center for             University of Maryland
    Housing Management              College Pk., MD
    Orange Pk., FL                                                   Dear Subscriber:
                                    Elizabeth Moreland, ncp -e
    Elizabeth Bramlet               Elizabeth Moreland
    Quadel Consulting               Consulting, Inc.
    Washington, DC                  Middleton, WI                    At Vendome Group, LLC, we strive to provide you with the
    Charles J. Durnin Jr.           Denise B. Muha                   best practices that you need to do your job efficiently and
    Interstate Realty               National Leased
    Management Co.                  Housing Association              cost effectively. We also seek to present clear, plain-English
    Marlton, NJ                     Washington, DC
    Karen Graham, cpm, hccp         Ruth Theobold Probst
                                                                     information on how to comply with the many IRS and state
    Karen A. Graham
    Consulting, LLC
                                    TheoPro Compliance
                                    Pewaukee, WI
                                                                     housing agency rulings and procedures affecting tax credit sites.
    Cincinnati, OH
                                    Greg Proctor, SCHM , NAHP e
    Sharon Harper Ivey, hccp,       Windsor Consulting               I am pleased to introduce our new Web site, www .taxcredit
    ncp - e ,                       Lexington, KY
    Concord Management, LTD
    Maitland, FL                    Steven L. Rosenblatt             housinginsider .com, which is dedicated to helping you
                                    Spectrum Seminars, Inc.
    A.J. Johnson, hccp              Cape Elizabeth, ME               successfully claim 100 percent of the tax credits allocated to
    A.J. Johnson Consulting
    Services, Inc.                  Johrita Solari, schm,            your property. This new site is loaded with useful features, and
    Williamsburg, VA                nahp e, hccp

    Michael Kotin, hccp
                                    Solari Enterprises, Inc.
                                    Orange, CA
                                                                     I encourage you to check them out immediately.
    Kay-Kay Realty Corp.
    Scottsdale, AZ              Gwen Volk, hccp

    Steven M. McDonald, cpm
                                LBK Management Services
                                Irving, TX
                                                                     Along with all of the regular features you enjoy reading in our
    Westlake Realty Group, Inc.
    San Mateo, CA
                                                                     print publication, www .taxcredithousinginsider .com offers
                                                                     searchable archives going back five years, model tools that
    Editor: Christopher Williams, Esq.
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