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									                      Editorial                   By Allan Heydorn, Editor

                      Time for “marginal” improvements

        ough economy, increased competition, slimmer margins —             rebuild and repair it; in other cases it means looking for a new piece
        and plenty of work. That seems to sum up much of what              of equipment that can do what you do a little quicker, a little easier,
        we’ve heard from contractors over the year, and it’s likely to     and maybe even a little better.
carry through most or all of 2009 as well. So if those characteristics         And make no mistake, improved equipment is out there, and it’s
are similar to what your business experienced this year, what can          all through this issue (plus we provide year-round updates on www.
you do to make the most from what 2009 will bring? How about               pavementonline.com). Too often contractors — without taking a
improving the main reason you’re inbusiness — your profit margin.          close look at improvements manufacturers make on a fairly regular
    The biggest factors in your margins are material cost and productiv-   basis — figure a paver is a paver, a roller is a roller, and that the seal-
ity. Much of the reason for slimmer margins this year was the result of    coating tank they’ve had for 15 years is just as good as what’s on the
skyrocketing material costs — from hot mix asphalt to specialty addi
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