Upcoming Pricing Survey Explores New Areas

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					                                                                                                                 by John Stewart

       quick                     consultant

Upcoming Pricing Survey
Explores New Areas
          very two years or so NAQP conducts the industry’s          past, pricing practices for various bindery services including
          most popular detailed survey of pricing practices          regular and right-angle folding, numbering, basic cutting,
          in the quick printing industry. The survey typically       padding, and drilling. Also surveyed are prices for creasing
          covers digital copying services (color and black-and-      and folding as they apply to digital color copiers.
white), as well as a variety of one- and two-color offset printing     Also included this year is a breakdown of pricing and
jobs, along with various bindery services. The biennial survey       markup practices as they apply to paper, as well as services
is ideal for fine tuning your in-house computerized estimating        and products purchased from third parties. Traditional
systems as well as providing a useful tool for comparing your        questions regarding prices for standard and PMS washups,
pricing practices against others in the industry.                    hourly press rates, and charges for various graphic services
  The best feature about this highly popular study is it’s           have also been retained in this year’s enlarged survey.
free to every printer who participates. You don’t even have            Appearing this year for the first time will be a new rating
to be an NAQP member to participate. All you have to                 method for digital color copiers. Participants will be asked to
do is complete the survey and return it by the published             provide separate copier ratings based on the copier’s ability
deadline. Even better, this is one of those surveys you can          to produce color copies on substrates ranging from offset text
assign to a key employee and tell them they will be fired if          to coated cover stocks. This should help readers of the study
they don’t complete it and submit it on time!                        distinguish between color copiers that appear to get high
  This year NAQP will use both direct mail and the Internet to       ratings when handling simple stocks, but begin to fail when
distribute the survey and encourage participation. If you don’t      asked to perform using heavy coated stocks on a regular basis.
receive a survey in the mail or a personalized email invitation,
you can still participate and we encourage you to do so.             Anatomy of a Sale Gone Bad
  All you have to do is (after January 5, 2009) visit either of        I recently witnessed the total collapse of three month’s worth
the following websites where you can download a PDF of the           of efforts on behalf of two parties who had tried to reach
questionnaire or get instructions on how to submit your survey       agreement on the sale/purchase of a printing business. The
electronically: www.quickconsultant.com or www.naqp.com.             buyers had asked me many months prior to serve as an advisor;
  NAQP has made it easier than ever to participate in these          someone they could bounce ideas against as they pursued their
surveys. However, even if you wish to submit your survey             goal to purchase a printing firm in South Florida.
electronically, we strongly recommend downloading a PDF of             I agreed to that role, but told them I did not want the final
the entire survey, using it as a worksheet to enter your answers,    responsibility of giving the deal the thumbs up or thumbs
and then returning to the appropriate website where you can          down. Nor did I want to get into the detailed negotiations
enter your answers and submit the survey electronically.             that would surely follow if they found the right firm. For
  The deadline for mailing these survey questionnaires is            that they would be on their own.
Feb. 14, 2009, but please don’t wait until the last moment             I did not know the seller, but I did know, at least by name,
to submit your survey.                                               the broker who was representing the owner of a mid-size
Description: The new survey incorporates many suggestions supplied by past participants. As an example, this year, for the first time, we will survey "regular" pricing practices as opposed to "aggressive" pricing practices and see when and where they come into play.
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