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									                                                    E E S O F T T E Q U I C K P P N T N G I I D U S S T R AT A G L L A C E
                                                  N N WW S O F H H E Q U I C K R IR I NIT I N GN N D UT R Y Y AT A GA N N C E

     update                      news

                                             Over the years she                          ern California (PIASC) was awarded
   “Survival in this economy                 has set up confer-                          the 2008 Naomi Berber Memorial
is not about finding the                     ences as far afield                         Award by the Ben Franklin Society,
fanciest ‘gee whiz’ gadgets                  as Hawaii, Cura-                            which is part of PIA/GATF.
                                             cao, and Mexico                     
that might wow clients for                   as well as within
a limited period of time.”                   the U.S.                                      MARYA & BRIGID KAYE,

           GASC president                      www.entrepre-                             owners of Creative Characters in Phil-
                                                                       adelphia, PA, were honored for their
                Ralph Nappi                                        PAMELA CROUSER        company’s sales growth by CPrint,
                                               DE BUDELSE, a Dutch print-                during its semi-annual board meetings
                                             ing company, won Best of Show at            in Chicago.
                                             the Printing Innovation with Xerox  
  NORINE BUTTE has joined                    Imaging (PIXI) Awards during Graph
the Window Book corporate team               Expo. The winning entry featured a
as senior manager in marketing and           children’s book and complementary            CALENDAR
communications.                              music CD in a creative package that                         included a customizable display case          Color Management Conference,
                                             and printed insert.                           Phoenix, AZ, December 7-9
                       BRUCE VAN-                     
                     has joined O’Neil                                                     MBO America Fold School,
                     Printing in Phoe-                                                     Westhampton, NJ, December 9-11
                     nix, AZ, as director                                        
                     of marketing.
                       w w w. o n e i l -                                                  MBO America Fold School,
                                                                        Schiller Park, IL, December 16-18
 VANDERHAAR           P.    SNYDER                                 
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