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Duane Reade Simplifies Store Delivery
New York City’s largest drug store chain switches from pallets to roll carts. By Katherine Doherty

I  f anybody’s an expert on urban delivery, it’s
   Don Yuhasz, the vice president of distribu-
tion for Duane Reade, the largest drug store
                                                                                  1                                 2                                 3

chain in the metropolitan New York City area.
  Of the more than 240 stores the 48-year-
old company operates throughout the city’s
five boroughs and northern New Jersey,
150 are located in Manhattan, a highly con-
gested area.
  With no loading docks at most of these
units, drivers often make deliveries through
the store’s front doors during business
hours, blocking busy streets and sidewalks
for hours.
  “We knew our delivery method was not
                                                                                                          SIMPLE SYSTEM: At the DC, cartons are
conducive to product flow,” says Yuhasz. “We
                                                                                                          placed on the carts (1). Carts and dollies
were delivering mostly pallets to the stores.                                                             are rolled on and off the truck and into
The driver would drop the pallet on the curb                                                              the store (2). Store clerks replenish the
and then it would be broken down by store                                                                 store shelves directly from the cart (3).
personnel—with the manager standing by. It
was taking a minimum of two to three hours to                                                             DC. It also operates a smaller facility in North
unload the truck at the store, tying up both the                                                          Bergen, NJ.
driver and the store manager.”                                                                              While it had to invest in four strapping
  Seeking a more efficient way to unload the                                                              machines, the roll carts and dollies have elimi-
                                                    URBAN WARRIORS: The team behind
trucks, Duane Reade teamed up with Gebhardt                                                               nated the need for stretch wrap. There is
                                                    the scenes. From left, Stephen O’Brien,
Transport and Storage Systems, a German                                                                   additional labor at the distribution center, but
                                                    director of operations and Yuhasz.
manufacturer of rolling containers. Gebhardt’s                                                            Yuhasz says the company makes up for it with
products have been used by leading European         p
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