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									                                    PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY
                          Portable LED light
                           SIG SAUER introduces its STOPLITE tactical light, a potent defensive tool. The
                       STOPLITE is designed to operate as a standalone flashlight or can be attached to an acces-
                      sory rail, doubling as a vertical grip. The LED light output is extremely bright at 300 lumens
               and 500 lux. The light features a rotary switch with steady, strobe or accessory functions. The strobe
               feature acts as a personal defense tool by disorienting the assailant. The electronic, rather than
               mechanical, design of the STOPLITE conserves battery life by constantly strobing at high frequencies
               that the human eye is unable to detect. Electronic soft switches were installed to increase reliability
                and eliminate connection concerns. The STOPLITE also features a built-in laser, which is adjustable
                for windage and elevation, operating independently from the light. Additionally, the STOPLITE
               is water resistant, for right- or left-handed use, weighs 9.4 ounces without batteries, and contains a
         built-in power receptacle that provides growth for add-on accessories, such as IR aiming devices.
                                                              Circle   20 on Reader Service Card

                                                   Secure, space-saving
                                                   weapons storage
                                                      Ancom offers secure, adaptable, space-
                                                   saving weapons storage solutions for police,
                                                   sheriff and military applications. Shelves,
                                                   barrel brackets and cradles are housed in
                                                   a secure, heavy-duty steel enclosure that
                                                   offers single, double or triple security access.
                                                   Ancom storage systems can store weapons
                                                   either vertically or horizontally, and with
Portable livescan device                           attached scopes or accessories. Weaponry storage cabinets can be custom-
                                                   ized by adding tambour doors, pull-out work shelves or drawers. High-
   Identification International Inc.’s             Density Weapons Storage can secure more weapons in less space and with
(i3) portable livescan device, the                 a high degree of organization. Cabinets can be stationary or mounted onto
i3 digID MINI, has image quality                   moveable tracks that slide easily to condense storage, can supplement exist-
that complies with FBI specifica-                  ing storage, and may be added onto as the department grows.
tion EFTS Appendix F. The unit                                                       Circle   21 on Reader Service Card
is also FBI certified for both civil
ID flats and full criminal tenprint
                                                                                    ANSI-compliant safety vests
rolls and flats. The unit is sealed
in a PC/ABS polymer case and                                                       American Safety Vest’s three high-quality vests
contains a single-piece prism and                                               meet ANSI specifications and are available in either
imager with uniform capture area.                                               fluorescent orange material with lime reflective strip-
It produces images with 500-dpi                                                 ing or in fluorescent lime material with silver reflec-
resolution, has its own green light                                             tive striping. All
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