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									                                 EDITOR’S LOG
                                                                                          Brand Director
                                                                                          Patrick Bernardo

Back in black                                                                             Editorial Director
                                                                                          Ronnie Garrett
                                                                                          Associate Editor
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                                 I   n a recent CNN poll, up to two-thirds of             Associate Editor
                                                                                          Sara Schreiber
                                     those surveyed reported some belt-tightening         Assistant Editor
                                                                                          Tabatha Wethal
                                 as a result of the sagging economy.                      Contributing Editors
                                                                                          Lindsey Bertomen, Rebecca Kanable,
                                     Sixty-seven percent of the 1,096 adults ques-        Pamela Mills-Senn, Carole Moore
                                 tioned reported trimming the amount they planned         Art Director
                                                                                          Bobbi Burow
                                 to spend on holiday gifts; 65 percent noted they’ve      Graphic Technician
                                                                                          Ann Christian
                                 curtailed spending on leisure travel, dining out and     Corporate Production Director
                                                                                          Brett Apold
                                 entertainment. And 31 percent stated they had            Production Services Representative
                                                                                          LuAnn Hausz
                                 reduced their spending on necessities such as food       Audience Development Manager
                                 or medicine, heating or electric bills.                  Sharon Haberkorn
                                                                                          Administrative Assistant
                                     These reductions are also mirrored in today’s        Valerie Stark
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Ronnie Garrett                   police departments. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,        please call (920) 563-1744, fax (920) 563-1704 or
                                 seeks to slash police salaries. Naperville, Illinois,    e-mail

                                 is cutting nine vacant positions, including three
    The economy                  officers, and trimming $60,000 from its training         Advertising Representatives
                                                                                          Patrick Bernardo . . . . (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1697

     isn’t simply                budget. Vallejo, California, already down 30 offi-
                                 cers from the 150 it had in January, expects to lose
                                                                                          Dixie Kasmar . . . . . . . (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1326
                                                                                          Sue Fuller . . . . . . . . . . (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1354

  affecting Main
                                                                                          Kelly Bisco . . . . . . . . . (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1360
                                 an additional 30 or more officers by year’s end.         Tim Tierney. . . . . . . . . (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1328
                                 The news isn’t pretty for any agency, and will likely    Classified Ad Sales
  Street America,                worsen before it gets better.
                                                                                          Nikki Becker
                                                                                          (800) 547-7377 Ext. 1317
                                                                                          Classified Ad Fax: (866) 596-0280
  it’s diminishing                   Law Enforcement Technology has adjusted the
                                 format of its annual Buyer’s Guide to include articles
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