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Dozer Designs Push the Cutting Edge by ProQuest


In terms of reliability, the company expects the D7E to perform as good, if not better, than the D7R. "The D7E has 60% fewer moving parts," says [Amy Moore-McKee]. "So there are fewer components to wear out or potentially break. The components it does have require less service than on any other drive system available." For example, there are no friction clutches. "That contributes to a longer drivetrain life and low service requirements."

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The John Deere 764 HSD defines a new machine form that fills a gap between           The cab-forward design on the Komatsu dozers improves visibility to the blade,
finish dozers and motor graders.                                                     eases operation for less experienced operators and allows for a smoother ride.

         Dozer Designs Push the Cutting Edge
         After years of evolution, there is a full-scale revolution.
                                                                          By Curt Bennink

A     fter a decade of slow evolution,
      2008 marks the advent of revo-
lutionary change in dozer designs.
                                         lized. For example, the 764 HSD
                                         could replace a finish dozer and a
                                         grader in applications where you
                                                                                     tional dozer, enabling faster grading
                                                                                     speeds. “We are able to final grade at
                                                                                     up to twice the speed of a steel track
                                                                                                                               grading ability of a motor grader in
                                                                                                                               that case.” He claims the 764 HSD
                                                                                                                               would actually be more maneuver-
Convention has been placed on the        are simply finishing up a building          machine,” notes Drescher. “As the         able than a grader in this situation.
sideline as “clean sheet” designs        pad or a section of road. “It has the       technology advances for grade con-           In addition, an 18-mph top speed
have resulted in the introduction of     potential on a site to replace some of      trol systems, we will probably exceed     through its hydrostatic transmission
unique solutions to previous limita-     the machines that are only working          that a little bit.”                       allows the 764 HSD to move quickly
tions. Following is a look at three of   part of the time,” says Drescher. “You         The length combined with 6.2-psi       across large jobsites. “Because it does
the most innovative concepts intro-      can then dedicate those machines to         ground pressure and center-pivot          have rubber tracks, you can go across
duced this year.                         another job where they are working          articulation offer some unique oper-      any paved or finished structures
                                         all of the time.”                           ating characteristics. “It allows you     without damage to the surfaces,”
Defining a new                               The unique specifications of the        to do some pretty close in and pre-       says Drescher. “You eliminate the
machine category                         764 HSD give it advantages in cer-          cise work, like fine grade rock in a      need to either board over the surface
   This Spring, the John Deere 764       tain applications. With a 22-ft. 5-in.-     finish parking lot,” says Drescher. “It   or put the equipment on a lowboy
HSD (High-Speed Dozer) took              long base, it is longer than a tradi-       has the flotation of a dozer and the      and haul it to the end of the site.”
CONEXPO-CON/AGG attendees                                                                                                         For jobsites that are close together,
by surprise. With a profile unlike                                                                                             the 764 HSD can easily be roaded. “It
any dozer currently on the market,                                                                                             has turn signals, flashing warning
the quad rubber-tracked 764 HSD is                                                                                             lights and slow-moving vehicle license
intended to bridge the gap between a                                                                                           plate capability,” notes Drescher.
dozer and a motor grader in certain                                                                                               At 200 hp, the 764 HSD is not
applications.                                                                                                                  going to replace a primary scraper
   “It is going to show really well                                                                                            tractor. But it is equipped to pull
in any application that requires a                                                                                             rear-mounted attachments such as
machine with pushing ability that                                                                                              sheepsfoot compaction wheels, land
can work around finished pavement,                                                                                             planes or smaller pull-type scrapers.
plus requires mobility on a jobsite,”                                                                                          “We have shown it is a real versatile
says Dan Drescher, product mar-                                                                                                machine with an 11- or 12-yd. dolly
ket manager - crawlers, John Dee
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