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									                                                                       PRO • Volume 21 Number 1 • December 2008 •                                   31
                     GIE+EXPO RECAP

                                                                                                                          Grasshopper Introduces Improved
BOB-CAT Offers Sneak Peak at                                                                                              MaxTorque Diesel Models
’09 Mower Line                                                                                                            Grasshopper says its MaxTorque diesel zero-
Commercial Grounds Care Inc. (CGC),                                                                                       turn mowers are available with 25- or 30-hp
manufacturer of BOB-CAT, Bunton, Ryan and                Snapper Pro Introduces                                           engines that are Tier 4-compliant and B5-ready,
Steiner brand turf and grounds care products,            the SW20 Walk-Behind                                             with reserve torque you can feel for superior
launched several new products at GIE+EXPO                                                                                 performance in the toughest mowing conditions.
                                                         Snapper Pro has introduced the all-new                           The direct-port, fuel-injected diesel engines are
2008 in Louisville:                                      SW20 walk-behind with more power and
BOB-CAT FastCat RZ is designed for residential                                                                            fuel efficient—save up to 700 gallons of fuel over
                                                         performance. It features your choice of a 13-hp                  1,000 hours of use (compared to similar-sized
customers and entry level contractors. It features       Kawasaki engine with 36” cutting width or a
a 22- or 26-hp Briggs ELS engine and 42” or 52”                                                                           gasoline units)—and are powerful enough to
                                                         17-hp Kawasaki engine with 48” cutting width.                    handle the tough jobs.
side-discharge deck.                                     All models feature a dual-path hydrostatic
BOB-CAT FastCat Pro (pictured) features a                transmission system providing smooth, reliable         
heavy-duty canister filtration system and EZ             operation.                                                       Indicate [28] on inquiry card
suspension seat; 17- or 19-hp Kawasaki KAI                                                                                or visit
engines; 36”, 48” or 52” side-discharge decks.
                                                         Indicate [27] on inquiry card                                           or visit
Indicate [25] on inquiry card
or visit

                                                                             12 VOLT - NEEDS
                                                                             NO HYDRAULIC

                                                                             INSTALLS ON ONE-
                                                                             TON TRUCKS IN
                                                                             UNDER SIX HOURS

                                                                             10,000 LBS/HR                            12V ELECTRIC UNDERTAILGATE SPREADER

                                                                             ALL STAINLESS
                                                                             WEAR PARTS -
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