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Distributor of the Year
Nancy Woodham
Vistar Vend Source Inc.,
Phoenix, Ariz.
By Emily Refermat, Managing Editor

Nancy Woodham remains optimistic for vending
operators thanks to technology. She looks
forward to helping operators maximize new
marketing opportunities.

I         t’s the era of technology and Nancy Woodham isn’t
          afraid to embrace it. As the Automatic Merchandiser
          Distributor of the Year, Nancy Woodham, Vistar Vend
Source, Pheonix, Ariz., embodies the progressive thinker who
doesn’t sacrifice the personal service and positive outlook
                                                                 her 12-year tenure
                                                                 in vending. Food
                                                                 companies have consolidat-
                                                                 ed and the big ones focus on the vending channel, so well
                                                                 known products are available to vending customers. “The
that makes vending a people business.                            major players, like General Mills, Masterfoods, Hershey’s,
    Initially, for Woodham, becoming a distributor represen-     Kraft, Kellogg’s, etc. are the mainstays of the products we
tative was just something to do while her husband worked         sell,” said Woodham.
in California in the 1990s. One of her husband’s associates,         National name brand products bring value to the con-
Bob Mattias, a partner at Pacific Brokerage, Yorba Linda,         sumer, who knows these products and has seen them on
Calif., asked if Woodham wanted some work selling prod-          the shelves at retail. This makes consumers more confident
ucts to OCS and vending operators.                               in purchasing them.
    “It was a part-time job to keep me out of trouble,” re-          After eight years, Vend Source Inc. based in Phoenix,
membered Woodham. She handled mostly small lines, such           Ariz. (which has since been acquired by Vistar Corp.),
as Hansen soda, which wasn’t big then since no one cared         approached Woodham and offered her a full-time job
about natural soda. Her biggest seller was Cheez-It®s, then      with benefits. She accepted. “It ended up being a
owned by Sunshine Biscuits and now owned by Kellogg Co.          great move for me,” said Woodham, “and that was four
    Woodham enjoyed the experience and continued to rep-         years ago.”
resent Pacific Brokerage when her husband was relocated to
Arizonia. About that time, Pacific Brokerage picked up General    VISTAR CORP. OFFERS A CAREER PATH
Mills. “That sort of launched Pacific Brokerage,” said Woodham.       It wouldn’t be too long before Woodham would reach
                                                                 a very difficult personal challenge. Her husband was
MORE NAME-BRAND PRODUCTS ENTER THE VEND CHANNEL                  diagnosed with cancer. Because Vistar Corp. is a major cor-
   The move from nonbranded products to branded prod-            poration, it o
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