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OCS Operator of the Year
Howard Chapman
Royal Cup Coffee Co.,
Birmingham, Ala.
By Elliot Maras, Editor

Howard Chapman believes the benefits of brew-by-pack
coffee are such that OCS sales will continue to grow
rapidly. He has noticed customers cutting back in other
areas to continue buying good coffee.

C        onsumers might be unnerved by rising unemploy-
         ment and falling stock prices, but they still love a
         good cup of coffee.
    Howard Chapman, office beverage manager at Royal
Cup Coffee Co. in Birmingham, Ala., isn’t worried. The
                                                                provider in
                                                                Atlanta. Chapman
                                                                agreed to meet them,
                                                                knowing they were knowledgeable about coffee. He was
                                                                impressed by their professionalism and their coffee
company continues to expand as more customers discover          knowledge. He was also impressed that they were a
the benefits of high quality OCS. A company with the right       roaster that was already providing high quality coffee to
infrastructure to deliver a great product along with sensa-     white tablecloth restaurants. By that time, Royal Cup
tional service has nothing but growth ahead of it.              Coffee had established a dedicated route and sales divi-
    Chapman, the 2008 Automatic Merchandiser                    sion for offices.
OCS Operator of the Year, has witnessed the evolution
of high quality OCS. The company has aggressively               AN INVITATION TO ‘SWITCH SIDES’
marketed the single-cup systems that have delivered                 In 1992, Royal Cup Coffee asked him to join them as
constant growth to the OCS industry, economic conditions        Atlanta, Ga. district manager. Chapman had always wanted
notwithstanding.                                                to own his own business, but he had always been uneasy
                                                                about risking his finances to start a business. Royal Cup
INTRODUCED TO OCS AS AN ACCOUNT DECISION MAKER                  Coffee, because of the way it was organized, offered him
    Chapman learned the importance of good quality OCS          the chance to build a business.
as an account decision maker. He was director of adminis-           The position made him responsible for a profit center.
trative services for an Atlanta, Ga. law firm in 1986 when       As a district manager, Chapman had the freedom to invest
Royal Cup Coffee called on him about a new service they         resources as he saw fit, and would be rewarded based on
were introducing — OCS. Chapman was not completely           
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