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▶   Pepsi Bottling Group                 Equity. Investcorp and Barclays
    restructures, will close             Private Equity will own the company
                                         on an equal basis, with manage-
                                                                                      People in the News
    four facilities
                                         ment retaining a minority stake in the
The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.                                                        INDUSTRY LOSES VETERAN WALTER F.
                                         company. The terms of the transaction        BUCKI, JR.
announced a multi-year initiative        were not disclosed.                               Walter F. Bucki,
designed to enhance the company’s            Based in Valbrembo, Italy, N&W           Jr., a partner in Royal
operating capabilities around the        Global Vending manufactures prod-            Sales & Consulting,
world. The restructuring program is                                                   based in Elgin, Ill. and
                                         ucts in three core areas: hot and cold       a contributing editor
expected to result in annualized pre-    beverages; snack and food; and can           to Automatic Merchan-
tax savings of $150 to $160 million      and bottle vending machines.                 diser, recently passed        Bucki
upon completion.                             N&W Global Vending was formed            away following an
    In the U.S. and Canada, the com-                                                  illness. He was 58 and a resident of
                                         in 2000 through the merger of two
pany will continue to focus on refining                                                Naperville, Ill.
                                         European vending machine manufac-                 Bucki was a 36-year vending/
its selling and service organization,    turers, Necta and Wittenborg. Some           foodservice industry professional
reducing its general and administra-     machines are sold in the U.S.                who spent more than 20 years in
tive expenses, and enhancing the                                                      regional management with two of the
efficiency of its supply chain infra-                                                  nation’s largest food service/vending
                                         ▶   Sabbers & Associates                     companies.
    About 750 jobs are expected to           relocates
                                                                                      LARRY EILS BECOMES A NAMA
be impacted as the company imple-        Sabbers & Associates Inc., the vend          KNOWLEDGE SOURCE PARTNER
ments these plans. The company will      product brokerage, relocated to a new            The National Auto-
modify its defined benefit pension         facility. The new address is 466 Old         matic Merchandising
plans, which will generate long-term                                                  Association named for-
                                         Hook Road, Suite 24-C, Emerson, NJ
                                                                                      mer 23-year employee
savings and reduce future financial       07630; Phone 201-262-5959 (no                Larry Eils as a Knowl-
obligations.                             change); Fax 201-262-8765                    edge Source Partner.
                                         (no change).                                 Eils has devoted more            Eils
                                                                                      than 30 years to the
▶   Lance bids $30 million                                                            advancement of the environmental
    for Archway, Mother’s                ▶   Supermarkets to carry                    and public health professions, and he
    Cake and Cookie Co.                      Keurig brewers, K-cups                   is a widely recognized and respected
                                                                                      leader in food safety issues and the
Lance Inc. entered the first official          nationwide                               vending industry.
bid for Archway Cookies and Mother’s     Green Mountain Coffee Inc. and Keurig            Eils is a registered sanitarian in
Cake and Cookie Co. in U.S. bankrupt-                                                 Illinois and a foodservice manager in
                                         Inc., divisions of Green Mountain
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