10 Tips for Selling Your Bankruptcy Claims by ProQuest


With a little effort, creditors can receive a fair price for selling their bankruptcy trade claim. While it's rare for creditors to sell their claims for 100% of face value, they can at least take steps to ensure that they are not being taken advantage of by vulture investors -- sophisticated hedge funds and investment banks that invest in bankrupt or credit-impaired companies. The following tips can help creditors maximize the price they receive for their claim and avoid some of the more common pitfalls: 1. Do your homework. 2. Prepare your claim for sale. 3. Time the market. 4. Shop your claim. 5. Be realistic. 6. Don't speculate. 7. Don't sell based solely on price. 8. Lock in price for disputed amounts. 9. Demand higher price for higher priority. 10. Protect yourself. Seek legal counsel or consult with an expert in bankruptcy claims trading when in doubt.

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