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The credit and sales departments are symbiotic to one another, but there is an ever-present turmoil as credit complains about sales and sales complains about credit, both departments butting heads and accusing the other of impeding success. Davy Tyburski, founder, CREDITandSALES.com, feels that the credit department can take the reins and help provide value to their organization by administrating improvement processes. Tyburski recommends that credit managers zero in on three relationship principles between the sales and credit teams: respect, appreciation and communication. Sales people don't often understand how difficult the back-end tasks for a credit application are. On the other side of the coin, credit department personnel aren't necessarily informed on how prospects are obtained and what's involved in a sales call. Tyburski suggests tearing down those walls by sitting in on sales calls, making joint customer visits and having credit members present at sales meetings.

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