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A Conversation Dominator Sure Can Clear a Room


The scary thing is, the majority ofthe conversation dominators have no idea they are doing it, so they can't even begin to address the problem until someone points it out Often, people are afraid to call them on it and as a result, the person simply continues to talk, not knowing they are turning off everyone around them. If it is a family member, take one shot at saying "It's because I love you, Uncle Kevin, that I'm going to tell you this, but the rest ofthe family is starting to avoid you because you won't shut up" This is a risky move, and it is unlikely that the offender will appreciate it, but at least you've tried The older the person is, the harder it is to curb this offensive communication habit.

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									                     Job Losses Could Match Worst Year of Last Recession
                     Continued losses felt in many industries, as even traditional bright spots watch their growth slow to a trickle
 Heartbeat          This monthly report was prepared for NJBIZ by James W. Hughes, dean of
                    the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers Uni-                                  Change in New Jersey Nonfarm
versity; Nancy H. Mantell, director of the Rutgers Economic Advisory Service; and Joseph J.
Seneca, university professor, Edward J. Bloustein School.                                                                           Payroll Employment
                                                                                                                                          (December 2007 to November 2008 - Seasonally Adjusted)

NEW JERSEY LOST another 6,200 payroll jobs          mode for 2008, following steady growth in                                                              (Numbers in Thousands)

in November, as the statewide employment            every previous year of the current decade. In
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Change in Jobs
downturn intensifies. According to monthly          fact, 2008 will be the first year since 1996 that
data released by the New Jersey Department of       public sector employment has declined. Thus,
Labor and Workforce Development, the state’s        unless there is an unlikely growth surge in            TOTAL NONFARM                                                                                        -34,400
cumulative employment losses this year              December, the string of 11 straight years of
through November total 34,400 jobs.                 public-sector growth will be broken.                   TOTAL PRIVATE SECTOR                                                                                 -31,800
     This loss is rapidly approaching the                 Private-sector job losses for the year so far
employment decline of 35,000 jobs recorded          (December 2007 to November 2008) were led              GOODS PRODUCING                                                                                      -18,000
in 2001, which was the worst year of the last       by manufacturing (lost 13,600 jobs), trade,                Natural Resources and Mining                                                                            0
recession. Thus, the current downturn is des-       transportation and utilities (down 10,000 jobs),
tined to be significantly worse than that of the    financial activities (lost 7,600 jobs), leisure and        Construction                                                                                      -4,400
                                                    hospitality (lost 4,700 jobs), construction (down
                                                                                                               Manufacturing                                                                                    -13,600
                                                    4,400 jobs), and information (lost 800 jobs).
Of the total employment loss                              Growth was led by education and health
                                                                                                           PRIVATE SERVICE-PROVIDING                                                                            -13,800
 of 34,400 jobs, 31,800 were                        services (added 7,300 jobs), professional and
                                                    business services (up 1,300 jobs), and other               Trade, Transportation & Utilities                                                                -10,000
    in the private sector and                       services (up 700 jobs). However, these bright
                                                    spots started to lose their luster in November,            Information                                                                                         -800
   2,600 were in the public.                        when professional and business services lost               Financial Activities                                                                               -7,600
                                                    1,900 jobs, and education and health services
2000 to 2003 period, particularly since the         gained only 300 jobs. Thus, all the major sec-             Professional and Business Services                                                                 1,300
national recession also has intensified. And        tors are now in decline or weakening.
the December employment figures, which will               The job figures for November and the year            Educational and Health Services                                                                    7,300
be released in January, are likely to record the    to date paint a grim economic picture. At the              Leisure and Hospitality                                                                           -4,700
worst employment loss year since 1991, when         same time, the unemployment rate crept up to
the state shed 80,300 jobs.                         6.1 percent in November. While still better than           Other Services                                                                                       700
     The accompanying table shows the               the national rate of 6.7 percent, the New Jersey
employment declines by sector for the first 11      unemployment rate has increased by 1.9 per-            GOVERNMENT                                                                                            -2,600
months of 2008. Of the total employment loss        centage points, or nearly by half, over the 4.2
                                                                                                           Note: North American Industry Classification System (NAIC
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