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Autism actually is a spectrum of diseases, ranging from a milder form, called Asperger's syndrome, to the most severe form, true autism. Some studies have suggested that by one year of age there may be hints of autism spectrum disorder. The final diagnosis can only be made after careful and complete evaluation and examination by a team of experienced physicians and other health care providers expert in this disorder.

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									                            “Baby Doc” Eden Explains
                                                                             By Alvin N. Eden, MD

                           Autism is in the news fre-       hints of autism spectrum disorder. In my experience,
                           quently nowadays. News-          I have not found this to be true.
                           papers, televsion and the
Internet are full of stories about autism; most of them     Somewhere between 18 months and two years of age
are unfounded. For example, there is no relationship        there are usually a number of signs or symptoms that
between the measles immunization (or any other im-          should alert you to the possibility that your child may
munization for that matter) and autism. A mercury           be autistic. These “red flags” include the following:
preservative, thimerosol, has been blamed for autism.       1. Not making eye contact
Not so. Even though thimerosol was removed from rou-        2. Not taking any interest in other children
tine immunizations many years ago, the prevalence of        3. Preferring to always play by himself
autism remains the same. Despite many studies that          4. Repetitive motor mannerisms, such as rocking back
clearly show no relationship between immunization and          and forth or handflapping
autism, many parents continue to worry and often are        5. Delayed language development (should be using
hesitant to immunize their children. There is absolutely       single words by age one and two-word phrases by
no reason to be concerned. It is essential for your child      age two)
to receive all the recommended immunizations on time.       6. Intense temper tantrums
Postponing or refusing immunizations makes no sense         7. Unable to cope with changes in regular routine
and can place your child in danger.
                                                            However, even if your toddler does demonstrate one or
What causes autism? Can it be prevented? Can it be          more of these behavior patterns, it does not mean that
treated? Nervous parents often ask me these types of        he is autistic. As pointed out previously, the diagnosis
questions.                                                  is difficult to make and requires professional evalua-
This is what I tell them.                                   tion. The problem is that there is no specific diagnostic
                                                            test to establish the diagn
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