Hosted/SaaS vs. Premise: Pros & Cons by ProQuest


Each contact center is a unique and beautiful snowflake; what makes sense in one case may be completely off-base in another. Hosting is a good candidate for technologies that are new to you, that you may eventually want to invest heavily in, but not until you can build a business case that the features are actually useful. If you have come down on the side of making a permanent transition, then it is critically important to have the support of both the IT team and upper management. On the other hand, if you have an unfortunate relationship with your IT department, one in which they prevent the contact center from adopting tools that are needed to be more productive, then hosting may be just the trick for doing an end-run around them. There are some problems that contact centers face that never seem to go away. Agent turnover is one. Improving customer satisfaction is another.

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