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             SpillsMaine Scouts discover the world of curling,
                   a sport that features a mix of strategy and
                   action, combined with the constant challenge
                   of staying on your feet on the slippery ice.

                       Da           il y
                  u ra


                                                                   It might look like organized chaos, but there’s a lot

                                                                   of strategy involved in curling.

                  Ph                                       S
                       ot o
                              g ra p h s b y E   m il

  32      BOYS’ LIFE F DECEMBER 2008

Curling.indd 32                                                                                                            10/15/08 10:29:57 AM
                                                                         ife Scout Matt Reed figured his
                                                                        curling team had this competition

                                                                       won. After all, his last stone had
                                                                       slid perfectly into the center of the
                                                                      target—a bull’s-eye.
                                                                                 But that was before Mike
                                                                               Paradis, Matt’s best friend
                                                                              (and rival) since the first
                                                                             grade, had taken his turn.
                                                            Mike threw his first stone and took out one of
                                                          Matt’s stones. Not good for Matt’s team.
                                                            “Then the second one hits mine dead center
                                                          and knocks all our stones out of the house,”
                                                          says Matt, 16. “I couldn’t believe it.”
                                                            That’s part of the strategy—and excitement—
                                                          of curling.
                                                            Mike’s team had won on the last shot—the
                                                          curling equivalent of LeBron James knocking
                                                          down a last-second jumper to knock your team
                                                          out of the National Basketball Association
                      When in doubt, just slide:          playoffs.
                      Christien Rodrigue takes an           The Scouts of Troop 007 in Lewiston, Me.,
                      intentional tumble across the       spent a day last February at Maine’s Belfast
                      ice during a break in
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