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									20   Canadian Mennonite November 24, 2008

                                                                                               ChArlesWooD mennonIte ChUrCh Photo

 ‘A miracle                                   almost despite themselves.
                                                 Pastor John Braun said—with
                                              translation into Korean by associate

 of history’                                  pastor Heemyeong Kang—he some-
                                              times thought about this “special rela-
                                              tionship” that has developed in terms
 Charleswood Mennonite                        of the ancient past. “Koreans,” he said,
                                              “may have some ancestry with the an-
 Church celebrates a decade
                                              cient Huns. Mennonites of European
 of Korean ministry                           background have a Barbarian heri- Members of the Korean Mennonite
                                              tage going back a few thousand years. Fellowship of Canada are pictured with
 By Leona D ueck Penner                       The Huns and the Barbarians tried Tim Froese, executive director of MC
 Charleswood mennonite Church release         to destroy each other around the 4th Canada International Ministries, left, prior
 WInnIPeG                                     century . . . . It’s a miracle of history to the 10th anniversary celebrations at
                                              now, in my estimation, that for the Charleswood Mennonite Church, Winnipeg,

 C    harleswood Mennonite Church
      celebrated the 10th anniversary of a
 Korean presence in the congregation and
                                              last 10 years or more in our small cor- this past summer.
                                              ner of the world in Winnipeg, that the
                                              descendents of Huns and Barbarians wor- blessing we have been offered by you. . . . I
 the subsequent formation of a bicultural     ship the Prince of Peace together. I believe hope and pray that we Koreans may con-
 congregation, this past summer.              that God is at work among us.”                  tinue to grow in Christ, observing, learning
   As various Korean- and English-speaking       Hun Lee, the first Korean pastor at and participating in the church life here
 people gathered from across Canada to        Charleswood, spoke about the Korean together, so that we too may be a mature
 share the story and reflect on how this      concept of 정성, roughly translated as fellowship with time and care.”
 coming together of two distinct cultures     “time and care,” which is necessary for            From a small group of Koreans con-
 had come to pass, and how it continues to    raising children, honouring parents and sisting of six families, the group now con-
 unfold within the congregation and within    welcoming visitors. “Our Lord Jesus raised sists of a network of 83 families and 274
 the wider world today, there was a growing   his disciples with time and care,” he said, people, some in Winnipeg and others who
 sense of awe and joy over what the unify-    linking it to what Koreans experienced at are now scattered around the world.
 ing Spirit of God had done among them        Charleswood. “I give thanks to God for the         “I believe that 
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