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Young Samuel hears an unknown voice calling in the darkness of the night, but only in repeated trips to Eli's room for repeated conversations does Samuel finally recognize God calling him (I Samuel 3:1-9). God then delivers bad news and Samuel is not sure that he wants to share it, yet with the coaching ministry from a wise, but very human Eli, Samuel speaks honestly Samuel continues to mature in leadership so that "none of his words fall to the ground" (I Samuel 3:19). This leadership is shaped by continued encoun ters with God and recognition by the people of Israel that he is trustworthy.It took Samuel and Eli more than one encounter to realize the call of God. Being intentional about becoming learning partners in ministry is more than a one-time task to check off on a "to do" list. It invites ongoing conversation between the partners to reflect and ponder if God is calling you or me in this ministry situation? What is God saying? How will we respond?

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									12   Canadian Mennonite November 24, 2008

                 limiting their access to places that were their homes        and farmed by Palestinians. The “issue” that is alive
                 for centuries.                                               and hotly contested within Israel is not just an “issue”
                   Adlerstein and Adler suggest it is only “a small           for Palestinian people; it affects their everyday lives in
                 number of hotheads in the settler population” that are       the most horrible way.
                 causing the problems for Palestinians. They also say            Should Mennonites be involved in the real issue
                 that “MCC is only the tip of the anti-Israeli iceberg        of Israelis and Palestinians, or should we be neutral?
                 that Mennonites have floated for decades.” These             Should we again become silent? If Adlerstein and
                 statements are false.                                        Adler have personally seen the many places where
                   First, the Israeli incursion into Palestine is wide-       Israeli settlers have made incursions into traditional
                 spread and supported by the Israeli government that          Palestinian lands, and have spoken with and listened
                 builds roads and infrastructure, and defends these           to the people on both sides of this border, let them
                 settlers. Second, Mennonites greatly admire Israel and       convince us that justice is being done and that God’s
                 pray for the return of the Hebrew homeland. They             nation is being built as he would have it built.
                 do not, however, accept or condone persistent and            John Sawatzk y, Winnipeg
                 aggressive movement of Israelis into lands long owned

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            Becoming partners
                                                                                            in the current structure, such as a deacon,
                                                                                            Sunday school teacher or board member,
                                                                                            but there are those who may be open to

                       with God                                                             other meaningful ministry with a very
                                                                                            specific focus. Consider the role you have
                                                                                            within your local congregation or area
                                                                                            church. Whom can you invite as a learn-
                             Karen Martens Z immerly                                        ing partner to explore and participate in
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