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  May - 2009                                                                       Secretary-Danette McDaniel
  Volume 4, Issue 9                                                                Caretaker-John Hubbard
                                                                                   Principal- Brendon MacGillivray
                           School and Principal’s News
                           Imagine Our Schools                             Goddard Peace Summit
                                                                           The final preparations are in the
                           Parents and staff that attended the             works for the Grade 5 and 6 peace
                           Imagine Our Schools meeting on April            conference on May 15th. Students
Contents                   20th were made aware of the proposed            from Shatford Elementary,
                           recommendation for East St. Margaret’s          Tantallon Elementary, Sambro
Principal’s News       1
                           School. The consultants are proposing           Elementary, Beechville Lakeside
Literacy News          2   closing ESM, along with Shatford                Timberlea Elementary, and St.
Gr 3 Assessment        2   Memorial, and erecting a new school in          Margaret’s Bay Elementary will all
Nature Workshop Info   3   the Glen Haven area to service both             be taking part. The parents of
Breakfast News         3   communities. The final meeting for this         Captain Nichola Goddard will be
Calendar               4
                           process is scheduled for Monday, May            here to deliver the key note
                           11th at Ridgecliff Middle School.               address. A major portion of the
                           Evacuation Drill                                event is being sponsored by the
                           ESM staff and students will be holding a        Department of National Defence.
                           site evacuation drill on May 4th at 9:30.       The conference will feature
 Children have never       The drill will be similar to a fire drill but   presentations from Unicef, 14 Days
 been very good at         instead of staying on site, we will be          in December, Students for Teaching
 listening to their        going to Oceanstone across the road.            Peace, Counselling Therapist Sara
 elders, but they          The new Provincial Emergency                    Lamb, and the RCMP to name a
                           Management Plan states that we must             few.
 have never failed to
 imitate them.             perform at least one of these drills per
                           year. The RCMP and fire department              Bus Cluster Day
 James Baldwin             will be here to assist us.                      Professional development day for
                                                                           staff. No classes on May 8th for
                           Home Depot and Kaboom                           students.
                           A community outreach program at Home
                           Depot will be visiting ESM this summer to       Easter Egg Hunt: A good time was
                           offer a facelift to our playground              had by all at the most recent Easter Egg
                           equipment. They are supplying                   Hunt at ESM. Special thanks to those
                           materials and labour to update the two          who helped put the event together and
                           major pieces on the lower playground,           congratulations to coordinator Colleen
                           build new picnic tables, and erect a shed       Zinck.
                           on the property to house refundable
                           recyclables and spring fair/carnival            Administrative Change at ESM
                           games. Thanks to Amanda Parsons for
                           making this contact for us.                     It is with mixed emotions that I
                           Home Depot is also partnered with a             must inform you that I will be
                           company called Kaboom. The                      leaving ESM at the end of this
                           partnership drastically reduces the cost        school year. I have accepted a
                           of playground equipment for schools.            position in Sackville for the
                           The process takes a couple of years so          upcoming school year. ESM is a
                           we will begin the process through the           fantastic place to work and this is
                           PTO to begin fundraising and identifying        due to our great students, staff,
                           funds.                                          and supportive families and
                                                                           community. I thank each and
                           Grade 6 Orientation                             everyone of you for allowing me to
                           Our Grade Six students will be travelling       be a part of your community these
                           to Five Bridges Jr. High on May 20th for        past four years.
                           an orientation of the site.                     -Mr. Mac
                                            Literacy Newsletter – May 2009
                                    By Rod Hasey – Literacy Coordinator ESM & SMB

      The essence of education is not to stuff you with facts but to help you discover your uniqueness, to teach you how to
                                      develop it, and then to show you how to give it away.
                                                          -Leo Buscaglia-

    The following few newsletters will hopefully describe how to get the most out of the time your child
    spends reading with you at home. It comes from Miriam Trehearn section called ―Literacy Home
                                            Topic – Assessing Writing
    Dear Parents:
           Judging writing is often too subjective, but it doesn’t have to be. We know that spelling,
    grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are important. Together, they are known as conventions.
    However, writing is more than simply conventions. Have you ever read a piece of writing with great
    conventions that put you to sleep?
           In class we talk about the six traits, or characteristics, of good writing. One trait is
    conventions, but the other five are the heart of the writing.

    Ideas: the message-the content- the reason for writing. The details support the main ideas. The
    reader is able to imagine or picture the content.
    Organization: how the piece is ordered or structured. How does it begin? How are the details
    ordered? How does it end?                                                            .
    Voice: the heart of the piece-the writer’s personality coming through. Voice makes the reader
    Word Choice: the choice of the ―just right‖ words to make the message clear. The students use the
    term ―million dollar words.‖
    Sentence Fluency: the rhythm and sound of the writing-it is enjoyable to listen to when read aloud.

    When your child brings home a piece of writing, before you hear it have your child identify the trait
    that you should focus on. Then, compare your assessment of the writing with your child’s

    The traits take the mystery out of assessment. Enjoy discussing the piece.
    Miriam Trehearn

           Most students think that conventions are the main reason for writing. It is more to the point
    that getting your child to value what they put into a piece to aid the reader will prove to be a more
    productive discussion. Rod Hasey

                   Just a reminder that if you have specific questions about your child’s literacy needs the school has a
                                   question / answer e-mail that may help address your specific issue.
                      Simply send an e-mail to ( ) and we will be happy to respond ASAP.
              The questions you may have are probably the same ones that other parents have been wondering about as well.

                                          Thanks: Rod Hasey – Literacy Coordinator ESM & SMB

2008-2009 Early Elemenatary Mathematical Literacy Assessment (EEMLA)
Grade 3 students at ESM will be writing the EEMLA from June 1st to June 4th. As the title indicates the
assessment focuses on students’ mathematical literacy. The best thing students can do to prepare for
this particular assessment is to get rest and have a healthy breakfast.
                   Families United with Nature (FUN) Workshop
                   Saturday, May 23, 2009
                   8:00 am – 4:00 p.m.
                   Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park (formerly Lewis Lake Park)
                   Upper Tantallon, NS

Families United with Nature (FUN) is a skills development program designed to help families feel
comfortable in nature, while enjoying recreational activities together. Classes are taught on a variety of
outdoor pastimes—all at a beginner’s level, with equipment provided, and with expert instructors.

The next FUN event will be held at Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park (formerly known as Lewis Lake Provincial
Park) on Saturday, May 23. This day-long event includes two half-day, hands-on classes: Family Camping &
Let’s Go Fishing!

Family Camping
Join our instructors for a half-day, hands-on session covering the basics of camping equipment and use,
including tents and shelters, stoves, sleeping bags, mattresses and other gear. We will look at campsite
selection in both established and pristine camping locations, seasonal considerations, and where to camp in
Nova Scotia. We’ll also explore other tips and tricks to make life outside comfortable and FUN.

Let’s Go Fishing!
Join instructors from Inland Fisheries’ Learn to Fish program for a half-day of family fun. We’ll learn about
the fish living in our province’s waterways and explore tackle and techniques to make family angling fun and
rewarding. Then we’ll try our hand at fishing on-site—no licence required.

Registration Fee: $5 per person to a maximum of $20 per family. Fee includes instruction, equipment and
lunch (hotdogs, chili, and refreshments). Participants must be seven years of age as of May 1, 2009.

To register please complete the attached registration form or for more information contact Darlene Caldwell
at (902) 798-4036 or email

Registration Deadline: May 16, 2009 or until full. Maximum of 50 people accepted.

FUN partners include: Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture; Nova Scotia Federation of
Anglers and Hunters, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources; Nova Scotia Department of Health
Promotion and Protection; Becoming an Outdoors Woman Nova Scotia; The Trail Shop.

News from the Breakfast Crew May 2009
       Delicious, nutritious morning meals served in April included banana bread French toast, apple sauce,
oatmeal, scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, blueberry muffins, cheese, pizza bagels, pancakes, Easter breakfast
casserole, fresh fruit smoothies, apple wedges with cinnamon, macaroni and cheese, crunchy French toast
(with granola) and along with each breakfast, assorted cereals, fresh fruit, juice and milk.
       We would like to acknowledge the generous contribution to our Breakfast Program from the Indian
Harbour Baptist Church. Again this year, we have received a financial donation to our program .The ESM
Breakfast Program is very pleased and grateful for this continued recognition and support and would like to
express our gratitude.
       Also, we would like to thank the Finer Diner for their food contributions to our program. We are very
appreciative of the continuing community support. Anyone wishing to help with the program can contact
Karen Brison or Diane Buckle at the school. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and nutritious spring!
Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday     Thursday   Friday
-Music       -Band        -Phys. Ed.    -Music     -Phys. Ed.
-French      -French      -French       -French    -French
             -Library                   -Band


4            5            6             7          8
Evacuatio    HRSB                                  Bus Cluster
n            Breakfast                             Day
Drill 9:30   Supervisor                            No Classes
             Visits                                No Swim

11           12           13            14         15
Imagine                                            -Peace Summit
Our                                                -School Trip to
Schools                                            Department of
Ridgecliff                                         Natural Resources
7 PM                                               Gr. P-4

18           19           20            21         22
Victoria                  Gr. 6                    Swim
Day                       Orientation

25           26           27            28         29