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									                                                                              Opting for
                Buy what you need, not what turns your head
                                                                 IP VIDEO
                                                          By Eran Wachman

                o your organization has decided to make the switch from       Bundled Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow for the
                analog video to IP. It is a sound decision — IP video de-     development of custom applications and the integration of
                livers a slew of benefits, including flexibility, scalability   existing ones. Linking video surveillance, access control and
                and the ability to integrate physical security with other     analytics could help a corporate campus security guard deter-
                business systems. How the organization proceeds with          mine which staff members swiped their ID badges, when the
        the migration will largely influence the degree of success.            badges were swiped and whether anybody followed them into
            Organizations can go one of two routes: deploy an assort-         the building without swiping a badge, or “piggybacking.”
        ment of point products; or deploy a comprehensive, integrat-
        ed IP video portfolio. While the first choice may be appealing         Pieces of the Puzzle: Cameras, Codecs and COTS
        at first glance, there is no guarantee that these products will            When it comes to the individual components of an IP vid-
        work well together, or at all, and chances are good that the          eo system, it could be a big mistake to buy something just
        organization will have to hire a third-party consultant to per-
                                                                              because of the hype that surrounds it. It is important to stay
        form integration services and ongoing system upgrades.
                                                                              focused on whether the feature set will help an organization
            An integrated IP video portfolio, on the other hand, is de-
                                                                              meet its security and operational objectives. If the answer is
        signed to enable the technologies to work seamlessly with
                                                                              no, move on, no matter how loud the siren song.
        each other and with the analog video equipment already in
                                                                                  At the center of any video surveillance solution is the
        place. This enables users to keep existing cameras and CCTV
                                                                              camera. Choosing from the broad array of IP cameras in the
        monitors and supplement them with newer IP video technol-
        ogy. Video encoders can digitize video from analog cameras so         marketplace can be daunting. Not all products are the same,
        it can flow through Ethernet cables. Virtual matrix (or soft-          and an organization should assess its needs carefully before
        ware switching) technology enables organizations to contin-           making a huge investment. Will the cameras be used outside?
        ue using CCTV keyboards and view video on analog monitors.            If so, research weatherproof models. If there is a good chance
            Video management software can dramatically simplify               that the cameras will be tampered with, there are a number
        how all the captured video is managed. Instead of having to           of vandal-resistant cameras on the market. Would the orga-
        store and sift through reels of videotape, video footage can be       nization benefit from video analytic applications that detect
        managed electronically. The software enables the creation of          loitering, excessive speed, unattended baggage or other activ-
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