; Gasket Removal Agent Speeds the Job
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Gasket Removal Agent Speeds the Job


Garlock Sealing Technologies has developed a proprietary, anti-stick agent that facilitates removal of gaskets from flanged joints. Called Flange Free, the new material is a high-temperature, inorganic coating that Garlock is initially applying to its line of extreme-grade gaskets for critical service applications. All of the company's compressed sheet gasketing will be treated with the new material beginning in the first quarter of 2009. According to the company, gaskets treated with Flange Free require much less time and effort to remove after extended service. Flange Free is fused to the surface of the gasket material and does not contain chemicals that can cause the gaskets to crack or otherwise degrade. In addition, the company claims that gaskets treated with Flange Free reduce the potential for residual particles to adversely affect the performance of replacement gaskets or to break loose, contaminate piping systems and impair the operation of downstream equipment such as pumps and valves.

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									Gasket Removal Agent Speeds the Job
Engineering and Mining Journal; Nov 2008; 209, 9; Docstoc
pg. 136

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