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To gird for storm,
                                                                                                         ISA INTECH STAFF

be realistic
                                                                                                         Gregory Hale

By Gregory Hale, InTech, Editor                                                                     SENIOR TECHNICAL EDITOR
                                                                                                        Nicholas Sheble

A sure sign a winter storm is approaching:    panies’ projections look, at best, as not                 ASSOCIATE EDITOR
Drive by a grocery store, and take a look     being projectable. Others are honestly               Ellen Fussell Policastro
at the parking lot. If there are no empty     saying, with energy prices the way they    
spaces, the aisles housing bread, eggs,       are, and financial issues the way they            ASSOCIATE PRODUCTION/COPY EDITOR
and milk are under siege. That is because     are, it is going to be a difficult year to               Emily Blythe Kovac
there is an unwritten rule that says, when    say the least.                                   
the weatherman predicts a storm, every-           Look overseas. Britain’s unemployment            EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT
one has to rush the grocery store and buy     rate rose to 5.8% in the past quarter, as                Dr. Cris Whetton
bread, eggs, and milk.                        the economic slowdown hit the job mar-              
  Some might call it the panic before the     ket and increased the number of jobless                     ART DIRECTOR
storm.                                        to its highest in over a decade.                          Colleen Casper
                                                  Germany’s economy will slow to a stand-      
Now is not the time to                        still next year in the wake of the global
                                                                                                      PUBLISHING DIRECTOR
macho up revenue projections                  financial crisis, according to the govern-                      T.S. Lee
                                              ment’s independent panel of economic
for next year to impress the                  advisers. Look at China’s bailout and Rus-
                                                                                                          ISA PRESIDENT
board. Be realistic.                          sia financial issues. The list goes on.
                                                                                                       Kim Miller Dunn
                                                  The situation does not start and stop with
   Instead of rushing out to the store and    countries; take a look at the ever-growing           PUBLICATIONS VICE PRESIDENT
purchasing unneeded essentials, it might      list of companies already starting to jettison         Edward L. Vodopest
be time to think about protecting your        employees and close down operations.                 EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD
domicile from the elements. Yes, if the         
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