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CO-HOSTED WITH CAOT                         Evidenced-Base Practice (5041)        MCGILL UNIVERSITY
June 3-6                                    September-December 2008               SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL AND
CAOT 2009 Conference:                       Instructor: Dr. Joan Versnel          OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
Engaging in healthy                                                               Graduate Certificate in
occupation: Partners for change             Community Development for             Assessing Driving Capabilities:
                                            Occupational Therapists (5042)
Ottawa, Ontario                                                                   POTH-673 Screening for at Risk
                                            September – December 2008
Tel: (800) 434-2268 ext. 236                                                      Drivers (winter)
                                            Instructor: Dr. Loretta do Rozario
E-mail:                                                        POTH-675 Driving Assessment
                                                                                  Practicum (fall)
POST PROFESSIONAL                           Advanced Research Theory and
                                            Methods for Occupational              POTH-676 Adaptive Equipment
GRADUATE PROGRAMS IN                                                              and Driving (winter/spring)
REHABILITATION SCIENCES                     Therapists (OCCU 5030)
                                            January - April 2009                  POTH-677 Retraining Driver
University of British Columbia                                                    Skills (fall)
                                            Instructor: Dr. Grace Warner
and McMaster University                                                           Tel.: (514) 398-3910
Courses offered twice a year in             Program Evaluation for                E-mail:
September to December &                     Occupational Therapists (OCCU         Web
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