CAOT Conference 2009 in Ottawa: Join us in the national capital of Canada!

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					CAOT Conference 2009 in Ottawa:
Join us in the national capital of Canada!
 Cathie Kissick and Jean-Pascal Beaudoin

 Join us in our
 nation’s capital
 next June! The
 Association of
 (CAOT), in part-
 nership with
 the Ontario
 Society of Occupational Therapists (OSOT), is pleased
 to invite you to its 2009 Conference in Ottawa from
 June 3-6.
        This year’s location is thoroughly accessible by      A much anticipated conference
 plane, train and automobile! With close proximity to         Come to Ottawa, our nation’s capital, to join col-
 Toronto, Kingston, Montreal and Quebec City, Ottawa          leagues and partners in celebrating the importance
 is an ideal location for a family vacation exploring         of engaging in occupation as a pathway to health.
 Central Canada.                                              Partnering to create a more inclusive society that
                                                              enables healthy occupation requires a commitment
 National Treasures                                           to shared goals and values, open communication and
 Whether coming by yourself, with some colleagues or          mutual respect, optimism and resilience. Explore how
 bringing your family along, there is much to see and         together we can create change that allows people to
 do in Ottawa. You can explore our nation’s history by        choose and engage in occupations which give mean-
 visiting the Parliament Buildings, visit a number of         ing and purpose to their lives.
 diverse museums, and experience cultural treasures          
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