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To Get Through Crisis Serve, Not Burn Customers by ProQuest


For the past 10-15 years the marketing mantra has been customer lifetime value: that it is less costly to retain and sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones, and that excellent customer service brings new and permanent buyers. What is needed is the leadership to remodel enterprises so that they are truly customer focused, to make the investments in technology and training where needed and to pull together the entire team, especially those who interface with the customers: the contact center agents, retail staff, and sales personnel and imbue them with a mission to meet a common goal. By enabling the best possible products and services, and services to support them customers all win.

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									To Get Through Crisis Serve, Not Burn Customers
Brendan B Read
Customer Inter@ction Solutions; Nov 2008; 27, 6; Docstoc
pg. 46

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