Executive Order 13479-Transformation of the National Air Transportation System

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					                                                                      1432                                                    Nov. 18 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2008

                                                                         (e) by striking ‘‘Board’’ each place it ap-                     (a) take such action within the authority
                                                                      pears and inserting in lieu thereof in each                     of the Secretary, and recommend as appro-
                                                                      such place ‘‘Administration’’.                                  priate to the President such action as is with-
                                                                         Sec. 3. This order is not intended to, and                   in the authority of the President, to imple-
                                                                      does not, create any right or benefit, sub-                     ment the policy set forth in section 1 of this
                                                                      stantive or procedural, enforceable at law or                   order and in particular to implement the
                                                                      in equity, by any party against the United                      NextGen in a safe, secure, timely, environ-
                                                                      States, its departments, agencies, instrumen-                   mentally sound, efficient, and effective man-
                                                                      talities, or entities, its officers, employees, or              ner;
                                                                      agents, or any other person.                                       (b) convene quarterly, unless the Secretary
                                                                                                                                      determines that meeting less often is con-
                                                                                                       George W. Bush                 sistent with effective implementation of the
                                                                                                                                      policy set forth in section 1 of this order,
                                                                      The White House,                                                the Senior Policy Committee established
                                                                      November 18, 2008.                                              pursuant to section 710 of the Act (Com-
                                                                      [Filed with the Office of the Federal Register,                    (c) not later than 60 days after the date
                                                                      8:45 a.m., November 19, 2008]                                   of this order, establish within the Depart-
                                                                                                                                      ment of Transportation a support staff
                                                                      NOTE: This Executive order was published in the                 (Staff), including employees from depart-
                                                                      Federal Register on November 20.                                ments and agencies assigned pursuant to sub-
                                                                                                                                      section 4(e) of this order, to support, as di-
                                                                                                                                      rected by the Secretary, the Secretary and
                                                                      Executive Order 13479—                                          the Committee in the performance of their
                                                                      Transformation of the National Air                              duties relating to the policy set forth in sec-
                                                                      Transportation System                                           tion 1 of this order; and
                                                                      November 18, 2008                                                  (d) not later than 180 days after the date
                                                                                                                                      of this order, establish an advisory committee
                                                                         By the authority vested in me as President                   to provide advice to the Secretary and,
                                                                      by the Constitution and the laws of the                         through the Secretary, the Committee con-
                                                                      United States of America, it is hereby or-                      cerning the implementation of the policy set
                                                                      dered as follows:                                               forth in section 1 of this order, including avia-
                                                                         Section 1. Policy It is the policy of the                    tion-related subjects and any related per-
                                                                      United States to establish and maintain a na-                   formance measures specified by the Sec-
                                                                      tional air transportation system that meets                     retary, pursuant to section 710 of the Act.
                                                                      the present and future civil aviation, home-                       Sec. 4. Functions of Other Heads of Exec-
                                                                      land security, economic, environmental pro-                     utive Departments and Agencies Consistent
                                                                      tection, and national defense needs of the                      with the policy set forth in section 1 of this
                                                                      United States, including through effective                      order:
                                                                      implementation of the Next Generation Air                          (a) the Secretary of Defense shall assist the
                                                                      Transportation System (NextGen).                                Secretary of Transpor
Description: Sec. 3. Functions of the Secretary of Transportation Consistent with sections 709 and 710 of the Act and the policy set forth in section 1 of this order, the Secretary of Transportation shall:
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