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                                                                                                 Database Review

                                                                                          I Love YouTube
                                                                                          by MICK O’LEARY   |

                                                                                                 love YouTube. Every video in the world is on there.
                                                                                                 Well, at least videos on everything in the world
                                                                                                 are on there. It’s easy to use; there’s no annoying computer back talk
                                                                                          about “unsupported file type.” And everybody else loves YouTube. It’s the
                                                                                          world’s third most-popular website (Alexa ranking). Last July, people viewed
                                                                                          5 billion YouTube videos.
                                                                                              But some people are always complaining about YouTube. They gripe that
                                                                                          it’s full of stupid people doing stupid things. They say it’s an “anything goes”
Safari Books Online Launches                                                              cesspool, full of pornography and other filth. They whine incessantly about
Apple Mobile, Retools Online Library                                                      copyright violations. As a YouTube lover, I’ll respond to all of these complaints,
                                                                                          and I won’t duck the hardballs, unlike everyone else in today’s public arena.
    Safari Books Online an-
nounced the debut of Safari
Bookbag, which allows chap-
                                                                                          The People’s Video Library
ter and full-book PDFs to be                                                                 So you complain about guys hitting each other on the head? Who says
downloaded to the iPhone and                                                              this isn’t art? Look at the Three Stooges; they were comedic geniuses. And
iPod touch. The new service,                                                              what’s your standard? Television with Jerry Springer and The Biggest Loser?
which is the first offer by an                                                            Radio with Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage? And you snobbish, elitist
online publisher to open its en-                                                          book readers are the worst. Look what’s on your best-seller lists: The Secret
tire library to iPhone and iPod                                                           and The Obama Nation.
touch users, can be installed                                                                No, YouTube is the people’s favorite. Can you identify lonelygirl15, Judson
via the Apple App Store. The                                                              Laipply, Kimbo Slice, Obama Girl, and Soulja Boy? No? Then you’re the one
company plans to continue to                                                              who is out of it. They are all YouTube heroes. More people have viewed “Evo-
expand its mobile strategy                                                                lution of Dance” than have read books in the last 5 years.
with other devices and readers
in the coming months.
    In other news, Safari Books
Online unveiled two upgrades
to its online library. The first
upgrade makes full-book down-
loads available to all subscribers. Before the enhancements, only chapters were avail-
able. The second upgrade lets companies sign up small workgroups instantly, enabling
them to get up and running faster. It also lets them administer their own accounts
and manage their members.
    Source: Safari Books Online (www.safaribooksonline.com)

Ex Libris Group Reveals Updated Primo Solution
   The Ex Libris Group unveiled version 2.1 of its Primo discovery and delivery solu-
tion. The new installment features enhanced user interface customization options, in-
creased front-end functionality, enhanced availability information, extended enrichment       So you think YouTube’s content comes from brain-dead slackers with
features, and an open platform to encourage development, according to Ex Libris. The      body piercings and no jobs? Well, you’re wrong. YouTube has lots of serious
new features are the result of collaboration with the Primo user community.               stuff. This is the most crucial election in recent memory, and YouTube has
   Source: Ex Libris Group (www.exlibrisgroup.com)                                        a video record of the entire campaign, from the presidential debates to can-
                                                                                          didate speeches in Iowa. A Democratic debate in July 2007 took questions
                                                                                          from YouTube, and those were better than the softballs thrown by the big
                                                        MarkLogic                         media moderators of the main debates. 
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