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									                                                                                                                                                             InformationToday             25
                                                                                                                                                        December 2008

in high-speed internet by each of the           low (less than 30%) penetration, and even    further industry regulation to ensure        reform of radio spectrum management
main factors that affect the development        the stronger economies have poor cover-      competition and investment, stimulation      for wireless services.
of faster broadband.                            age in rural areas. The report proposes      of the market for satellite services, and       U.K. officials are also considering
    The index shows that Sweden and the                                                                                                   many of the same issues. On Oct. 17, the
Netherlands are leaders in the EU, thanks                                                                                                 Department for Business, Enterprise &
to a competition-friendly environment as                                                                                                  Regulatory Reform and the Department
well as skilled citizens and businesses            Links                                                                                  for Culture, Media & Sport announced an
that can use advanced services. On the                                                                                                    action plan to “secure the UK’s place at
other hand, poor competition may hold              Frankfurt Book Fair                                                                    the forefront of innovation, investment
back investment in advanced technolo-                                                                                                     and quality in the digital communica-
gies and result in high prices. Social fac-        Text of Jacqui Smith’s speech                                                          tions industries. …” The report, “Digital
tors such as the lack of digital skills, lim-                                    Britain,” will be published in spring 2009.
ited PC penetration, and poor spending             EC Report on future of the internet                                                    It will contain policies and proposals de-
in information and communication tech-                        signed to encourage broadband develop-
nology also appear to be large barriers                                                                                                   ment, digital radio, content development,
to further development.                            EC Report on broadband access                                                          spectrum release, information literacy,
    The report comes after another com-                                                                                                   internet business applications, and uni-
mission report that describes the exist-                                                                                                  versal access.
ing European penetration of broadband              “Broadband Performance Index”
internet and asks what can be done to                                              Jim Ashling runs Ashling Consulting,
achieve universal access throughout the            i2010/docs/future_internet/factsheet_bpi.pdf                                           an independent consultancy for the infor-
union. While countries such as Denmark,            “Digital Britain” announcement                                                         mation industry. His email address is jash
Luxembourg, and Belgium are well-served,                  Send your comments about
new member states such as Romania have                                                                                                    this article to

                                                                                                       SLA Inducts Three
                                                                                                       Info Pro Luminaries
                                                                                                       Into SLA Hall of Fame
                                                                                                           The Special Libraries Association (SLA) an-
                                                                                                       nounced that three information professionals
                                                                                                       were inducted into the Hall of Fame for their
                                                                                                       work and contributions to the field of librari-
                                                                                                       anship and information management.
                                                                                                           Toby Pearlstein, retired director of infor-
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