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                                                                                                                                                                December 2008
                                                                                                                                                                Vol. 25 | Issue 11

Briefs               Forecast 2009: What’s on the Horizon
                              he second half of 2008 was
                              a chapter for the history
Google Book                   books. More budget tight-
Search Settles        ening followed a series of industry
Landmark              M&As, all before Wall Street be-
Lawsuit, Readies      gan weathering its highs and lows
More Content          amid global economic unrest. With
                 3    continued shifts in power, alle-
                      giances, and ranking still making
                      headline news in the business
                      world, the information technology
EBSCO                 industry is more than a little in-
Publishing                                                      Elizabeth Satin              Anthea Stratigos            John Blossom                Jeff Kalwerisky
                      terested in what it can expect to
NISC, Inc.            experience in the coming year. A
                      few industry notables offered In-
                      formation Today their assessments of what lies and information industry, 2008 has largely been and database information, have still kept pace
                      ahead; here are some insights from each of them. a tale of two markets.                                     with 2007. As a result, while aggregate trans-
                                                                                On the one hand, the banking and debt mar- action value is down nearly 70%, the total of
Dow Jones             Elizabeth Satin, Managing Director ket upheaval and an incipient pullback in adver- 619 M&A transactions announced for the first
Teams Up With                                                               tising spending have led to an overall slowdown 9 months of 2008 is within a few percentage
                      of The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. in M&As. Nonetheless, mid-size and smaller points of the total number for the same period
International            While the economic slowdown and credit transactions, particularly in growth sectors such
                 3    crunch have impacted transactions in the media as online media, interactive marketing services,                                      (continued on page 46)

                      The Mouse Turns 40 Taking the

Reached in
German Digital
Delivery Case
                      by RICHARD HAMMOND     |                                                        Byte Out of
                          We tend to view history as a once-
                      familiar path that is no longer well-
                      maintained. But along that path,
Thomson Reuters       specific mileposts occasionally arise
Brings Web
                                                                                                      by PHILLIP BRITT   |
                      that are so profound that they re-
of Knowledge
                      main clearly visible across the spans                                              The growth of spam, malware,
to Turkey
                      of time.                                                                        phishing, and other cyberattacks on
                          Backtrack to 1968 for a moment.                                             the internet has given rise to a new
                      The hit TV show Star Trek was in                                                cross-disciplinary group designed
                      its third season, the emergency 911      times before coming home. The          to help combat the problem.
                      number system was just introduced        world was getting primed for the          The Center for Applied Identity
                      in New York City, and the U.S. was       21st century.                          Management Research (CAIMR)               Thomas Hogan
                      getting ready to launch Apollo 8,                                               held its first meeting in October just
                      which would orbit the moon 10                      (continued on page 48)       after BusinessWeek published an           remembers
                                                                                                      article on a Government Account-
                                                                                    PRESORTED         ability Office Report. The report ac-     the first days
                                                                                                      cused the federal government’s own
                                                                                 US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                               SO. JERSEY, NJ 08031   efforts to prevent government and         of IT, beginning
                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 450
                                                                                                      corporate cyberattacks as limited by
                                                                                                      bureaucratic challenges and an in-        on page 22.
                                                                                                      ability to find an adequate number
                                                                                                      of qualified workers.
                                                                                                                     (continued on page 50)
 46        InformationToday
December 2008

      Forecast 2009:                                  healthy—218 deals announced,              (albeit at lower growth rates than in pre-    Anthea Stratigos, Co-Founder
                                                      valued at $7.8 billion—driven             vious years), JEGI expects M&A activ-
      What’s on the Horizon                           by strategic companies that are           ity to be sluggish for most advertising-
                                                                                                                                              and CEO of Outsell, Inc.
      (continued from page 1)
                                                      continuing to acquire emerging            driven models.                                    Next year will be off to a rocky start
                                                      social media and online content               M&A activity in 2008 has been im-         given the credit crunch, a new U.S. pres-
                                                      companies. The greatest surge in          pacted by the slowing economy and the         ident and administration, the pall of poor
                                                      volume was in niche online content        overall stock market declines for many of     holiday sales and a recession, and un-
                                                      businesses, typically acquired for        the most active strategic acquirers. How-     precedented financial rescues, all in a
                                                      less than $5 million, as the market       ever, these companies are still seeking to    global era. While this creates disruption,
                                                      for small sites became more liquid        drive growth in their businesses, and         the “real” disruption for 
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