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   A Startup Feeds Off Feedback
   BumpTop, a computer desktop solution, uses Intridea CrowdSound to develop customer conversation

       Tell us about your organization. BumpTop is a new way of
   thinking about computer desktops. We apply gaming, 3-D
   graphics, and physics to the desktop to organize files and
   look at photos and browse more richly and intuitively and
   more like a real desk. The idea began as part of my University
   of Toronto master’s thesis. I created a video online and it
   blew up. It’s had 3 million views on YouTube—it’s one of the
   most popular software videos. We’ve gotten a lot of opportu-
   nities and our phones have been ringing off the hook with a
   lot of cool companies talking about how we can work together.
   The BumpTop product is now in
   private Beta with about a thou-
   sand installations.
      What led you to select a solution    FOUNDER OF BUMP INC. |          What do you do with the feedback once it’s gathered? Feed-
   such as CrowdSound? Being in            as told to Lauren McKay     back is critically important to us. Our whole product is based
     Beta production means our                                         on the idea of an improved user experience. Until users try it,
     product doesn’t have much of a presence, so we look to users      and give us feedback, we aren’t sure how effective it is. We try
     to guide us to what they want us to build and what is com-        to push the envelope as much as possible with nonstandard
     pelling and meaningful for them. We were looking for a way        stuff—like how you flip through photos without slapping on
     to tap the feedback of our users. We had done traditional         an unnecessary scroll bar. By the nature of our out-there,
     things before—typical email lists and Web forums, which we        pushing-the-envelope approach, people want to brainstorm
     were quite happy with, but people weren’t giving us enough        and give us wacky ideas. Usually we’re getting snowed in by
     feedback. You might not post on a forum if you are shy.           email and stuff. So it’s great to have tools like CrowdSound to
        In early summer, we signed up for CrowdSound. One thing        coil that in and give it structure. Contributors feel good
     we found very awesome is that they really take a personal         about the product so they made suggestions; then they feel
                        touch to things. We weren’t going to use       better that others like the idea as well. Users, in turn, feel
     “People want to them originally—we were looking at a com-         great about sharing similar interests.
brainstorm and give peting solution. CrowdSound—although
                                                                       five fastfacts
                        we liked the clean and simple lo
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