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									                                                                                           that used to be complaints about the site
                                                                                           and purchase process are now service-
                                                                                           oriented requests, such as whether or not
                                                                                           customers can have a picture of their
                                                                                           kids on a business card. (They can.)
                                                                                              Moyston uses Coremetrics’ LiveView
                                                                                           solution to look at the activity taking
                                                                                           place on each page of the Web site. The
                                                                                           tool works as a site overlay that quanti-
                                                                                           fies which elements of the page are ac-
                                                                                           tive and which are idle. “Real estate is
                                                                                           always an issue,” Moyston says, and Web
                                                                                           sites should value the concept of less is
                                                                                           more. Further tweaks helped to opti-
                                                                                           mize the entire shopping process and
                                                                                           boosted page views by 6.5 percent. Bet-
                                                                                           ter still, the company has seen a 43 per-
                                                                                           cent increase in conversions of both new
                                                                                           and repeat customers.
                                                                                              While staff count saw little change
                                                                                           after implementing the solution, roles
                                                                                           shifted significantly, Moyston says. In-
                                                                                           stead of dedicating an entire team to site

Make ’Em Laugh—Personally
GigglePrint knows personalization, but Coremetrics helps teach
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                                                                                           to explore forward-looking improve-
                                                                                           ments. The company will soon be rolling
                                                                                           out Coremetrics’ Intelligent Offer, a so-
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