Geeks on the Way (GOTW) provides technical support both in person and remotely throughout Western Canada. How ironic, then, that the support provider needed help of its own in procuring a customizable and scalable CRM system to meet its growing business needs. Hoping to end the merry-go-round of flawed CRM, CEO John Leishman turned to a new option-open-source CRM. The only firm to pass was open-source provider SugarCRM, which Leishman says had the largest following and the most downloads. Convinced that SugarCRM is up to the task of helping GOTW scale up, Leishman is confident he can stick with the vendor for the next round.

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									     A NEWSLETTER
     Finding a new job is stressful; job-search
     sites should help—not hinder—the hunt.
     CareerBuilder.com, the largest job-search
     and employment Web site, aims to ease
     the search burden by providing email
     newsletters offering relevant job postings
     and career advice. The site has teamed
     with ExactTarget, a marketing automation
     company, for more than five years, but
     recently launched a new segmentation
     campaign that won an ExactTarget award.
        Given that the old segmentation was on
     geographic region alone, Joanna Freeman,
     the site’s email marketing manager, admits
     the newsletters needed work. So her team
     segmented further—beginning with each           MIXING IN A LITTLE SUGAR
     recipient’s position in the job-search cycle.
     CareerBuilder and ExactTarget began
     gauging customers’ priorities by the num-
                                                     SWEETENS THE DEAL
     ber of mouse clicks on each newsletter          Geeks on the Way turned to SugarCRM to keep pace with
     link. A subscriber who hasn’t opened an         increasing demand
                    email in several weeks or

        Increased   has clicked few links, for                    eeks on the Way (GOTW)             intrigued with the whole concept,” he
                    example, is categorized                       provides technical support         recalls. “I wanted to use this technology
  personalization   as not actively looking for a                 both in person and remotely        so I could customize it…and also have it
           for the  job. The newsletter content,                  throughout Western Canada.         Web-based so I wouldn’t have to rely on
                    therefore, is focused more       How ironic, then, that the support pro-         terminal services or any other remote
newsletters is the  upon workplace tips than         vider needed help of its own in procuring       assistance-type software.”
   ultimate goal.   on, say, interview strategies.   a customizable and scalable CRM system             Leishman began perusing SourceForge,
                        “When you are applying,
                                                     to meet its growing business needs.             a Web site of open-source code and appli-
     we are there weekly [with new job recom-
                                                        Founded in 2001 by Chief Executive           cations, and he came up with a two-prong
     mendations],” Freeman explains. “If you
     are not applying, but you’re opening and
                                                     Officer John Leishman, GOTW has more            litmus test to determine which open-
     clicking, we send more content-related          than 20,000 customers and was among             source CRM offering—if any—would
     things. We infer that you have a job, but       Profit magazine’s fastest-growing Cana-         work for his company. Both involved the
     you’re peeking around to see what’s out         dian firms in 2005. As business grew,           size of the user community. First, Leish-
     there—so you still find us of value.”           Leishman’s CRM systems couldn’t handle          man wanted to see a flurry of recent
        Freeman says increased personalization       the larger scale.“We started [with] Act! as     postings. “If there was little activity, ob-
     for the newsletters is the ultimate goal.       our contact management system because           viously there’d be no community sup-
     “We would like to have an even better           that’s what I was familiar with,” he recalls.   port to enhance or add more features,” he
     understanding of what these people are          “It worked fine at first, but then didn’t       says. Second, he wanted to see a large
     doing in each stage of their careers,” she
                                                     work very well when we spread to multi-         number of downloads, popularity that
     says. More-accurate job recommendations
                                                     ple locations. Then we moved to [Micro-         raised the probability of future support.
     lead to more-qualified candidates applying
     to more-relevant positions. This, in turn,
                                                     soft] Exchange Server, which ended up              Th
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