Performance and Politics in Tanzania: The Nation on Stage

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to be taken into consideration when addressing this topic, although these
elements were not clearly defined in this work. But the book is a unique
attempt to advance the consciousness and promote the discussion of ado-
lescent sexual and reproductive health, essentially by pointing out the cur-
rent lack of communication among the social, political, biomedical, and
policymaking fields. More important, the writers do not stop at identifying
problems: they propose ways to bridge the gap between these fields in order
to build partnerships through collaborative research and a participatory
     The authors present new perspectives and strategies to promote ado-
lescent sexual and reproductive health: namely through dissemination of
empirical evidence from existing programs and careful analysis of what
works and what does not at the local, regional, and international levels.
Divided into four parts, the book surveys, analyzes and makes recommen-
dations in the areas of ethics, culture, public policy, HIV/AIDS programs,
reproductive rights of women, and peer education.
     The focus of the book is on East and southern Africa, but the scope of
the work goes well beyond those borders. Its underlying argument—that
education about sexual and reproductive health should be started early
enough so that young people have as much information as possible when
they reach adulthood—is itself indicative of the book’s usefulness. The
authors go several steps further and propose ways in which sub-Saharan
Africa can reach the goal of educating its youth, from evidence-based inter-
vention programs to the use of public policy, via school-based HIV/AIDS
programs, with consideration for ethics and culture.
     The book is suitable for an academic audience and could also be used in
field training sessions and by NGOs to build even stronger partnerships.
                                                                      Sandra Zerbo
                                                                  Suffolk University
                                                             Boston, Massachusetts


Laura Edmondson. Performance and Politics in Tanzania: The Nation on Stage.
Description: Highlighting the tension around the erotic hip-swaying dance movements (kukata viuno) of popular culture, the author shows how the government tries in vain to suppress these movements in its effort to create its own version of Tanzanian national culture, advancing several arguments to justify its position. Throughout the book, Edmondson shows that the government's choices of what is appropriate or inappropriate for "modem" national Tanzania culture have always been in dialogue with performers' alternative choices, which are subversively incorporated into their musical performances.
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