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									                                                              Douglas, a large aerospace defense contractor in the      or in a lab,” said
Sponsor Spotlight                                             St. Louis area. Suddenly, Aeromotive was using            Matusek. “This is
                                                              methods, procedures, testing, coatings, and materials     why we do it. We’re
                                                              never before available outside the aerospace industry.    learning not only

Aeromotive Inc.                                                   “The name Aeromotive was created to highlight
                                                              the fact that we use aerospace technology in the
                                                              automotive industry,” Matusek said.
                                                                  The newfound capability of automotive performance
                                                                                                                        from our cars but
                                                                                                                        also from our peers.
                                                                                                                        We couldn’t do this
                                                                                                                        if we weren’t there
by Wes Jollepss                                               products allowed Aeromotive to design and produce a       on the weekends.”
                                                              high-performance electric fuel pump capable of                When not

F    ounded in August 1994 by Steve Matusek,
     Aeromotive Inc. has been successful by living up to
its promise of quality fuel-delivery components and a
                                                              supporting 1,000-plus horsepower with the ability to
                                                              run for more than 100,000 daily-driver miles. This fuel
                                                              pump, the A1000, was the first fuel pump ever
                                                                                                                        developing innovative
                                                                                                                        product solutions for
                                                                                                                        complex problems
business philosophy that supports both the product and        developed by Aeromotive. As a testament to its            in the performance
its consumers. Aeromotive boasts the most complete line       ingenuity and innovation, it continues to be the          market, Matusek
of fuel-delivery components on the market, including          industry-leading fuel pump of choice in applications      and other
more than 25 fuel pumps and 30 fuel-pressure                  from street rods and daily drivers to drag race and       Aeromotive
regulators. Its extensive line includes products for both     extreme 4x4s built for the rigors of the Baja 1000.       employees spend their
fuel-injected and carbureted applications and all with the        In addition to Aeromotive’s engineering               free time at the
performance level to support hard-core racing                 background, the company conducts research and             racetrack. Matusek’s oldest daughter, Amanda, will
applications and the durability for street-driven vehicles.   development at the track and in the lab with the latest   drive the new Aeromotive AA/SA Mustang Cobra Jet,
                                                              engineering talent and tools.                             and his other two daughters, Jessica and Kristen,
                                                                  “Everything we have ever developed has gone           compete in Jr. Dragster.
                                                              through the most rigorous testing in the industry,”           “Every year, one of our family trips involves
                                                              said Matusek. “These are some of                                                going to Denver to compete in
                                                              the processes that we are talking                                               the [NHRA Jr. Drag Racing
                                                              about when we mention aerospace                                                 League] Western Conference
                                                              processes and procedures. As you                                                Finals,” said Matusek, whose
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