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The President's Radio Address


This is a decisive moment for the global economy. In the wake of the financial crisis, voices from the left and right are equating the free enterprise system with greed, exploitation, and failure. It is true that this crisis included failures by lenders and borrowers, by financial firms, by governments, and independent regulators. But the crisis was not a failure of the free market system. And the answer is not to try to reinvent that system.

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									                                                                     Administration of George W. Bush, 2008 / Nov. 14                                                               1421

                                                                     Proclamation 8319—America                                       States of America the two hundred and thir-
                                                                     Recycles Day, 2008                                              ty-third.
                                                                     November 14, 2008                                                                           George W. Bush
                                                                     By the President of the United States
                                                                                                                                     [Filed with the Office of the Federal Register,
                                                                     of America                                                      8:45 a.m., November 18, 2008]

                                                                     A Proclamation                                                  NOTE: This proclamation will be published in the
                                                                                                                                     Federal Register on November 19.
                                                                        On America Recycles Day, we highlight
                                                                     the importance of recycling as a way to safe-
                                                                     guard and protect the environment and pre-                      The President’s Radio Address
                                                                     serve our precious natural resources.
                                                                                                                                     November 14, 2008
                                                                        We live in a country of splendor and beau-
                                                                     ty, and no matter which State each of us calls                     Good morning. This weekend, I am
                                                                     home, we all have a responsibility to practice                  hosting a summit on the global financial crisis
                                                                     good environmental stewardship. It is in our                    with leaders of developed and developing na-
                                                                     Nation’s best interest that government, busi-                   tions. By working together, I’m confident
                                                                     nesses, community organizations, and indi-                      that with time we can overcome this crisis
                                                                     viduals work together to conserve our natural                   and return our economies to the path of
                                                                     resources. The Environmental Protection                         growth and vitality.
                                                                     Agency, through its Resource Conservation                          I know many of you listening are worried
                                                                     Challenge, is encouraging communities to in-                    about the challenges facing our economy.
                                                                     crease recycling collection. Through the                        Stock market declines have eroded the value
                                                                     Plug-In To eCycling Campaign, we are work-                      of retirement accounts and pension funds.
                                                                     ing to make it easier for Americans to donate                   The tightening of credit has made it harder
                                                                     or safely recycle old electronics, including                    for families to borrow money for cars, homes,
                                                                     TVs, computers, and cell phones. By recy-                       and education. Businesses have found it
                                                                     cling we can strengthen local economies, re-                    harder to get loans to expand their operations
                                                                     duce greenhouse gases, conserve natural re-                     and create jobs. Many nations have suffered
                                                                     sources, and save landfill space. Using our                     job losses and have serious concerns about
                                                                     resources wisely, we can make our commu-                        the worsening economy.
                                                                     nities more livable and our world a cleaner                        Nations around the world have responded
                                                                     place for our children and grandchildren.                       to this situation with bold measures, and our
                                                                        On this day, we remember our opportunity                     actions are having an impact. Credit markets
                                                                     to preserve the great American landscape                        are beginning to thaw, and businesse
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